Suspected rapist on the run
URGING CAUTION: Lebalang Maniki

Francistown police are on the lookout for a suspected rapist after a 19-year-old woman was attacked at her home in Donga on the sixth of January.

Confirming the incident, which took place at around 8 in the evening, Francistown Central Police station commander, Lebalang Maniki revealed that his officers were currently searching for a middle-aged man in connection with the alleged rape.

“The woman had just finished removing clothes from the washing line but unfortunately forgot to lock the house. The perpetrator then followed her into the house. Apparently she was alone and the intruder threatened her violently, telling her not to scream. He then raped her,” said Maniki.

The station commander added that the victim was unable to say whether her assailant was armed as it was too dark to tell.

Maniki urged the city’s residents to remain cautious and vigilant at all times, stressing they should make sure to lock their houses before going to bed.

He further encouraged people to consider using burglar bars to protect their homes.