A suspect in the murder of Fairground Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Michael Montshiwa, was today granted a P10 000.00 conditional bail by a Village Magistrates court.

31-year old Modise David, a Gaborone based attorney, was arrested yesterday after police investigations revealed, through an earlier cellphone communication, that he had had a misunderstanding with the deceased.

According to the lead investigating officer in the case, Detective Superintendent Sergeant Marapo, David who is facing another charge of Stealing by Servant, was the last person to communicate with Montshiwa just 28 minutes before the shooting.

Marapo told the court that their investigations revealed that between June 30 and October 17 this year, David who was Montshiwa’s attorney withdrew about P245 000.00 which was money entrusted on him for the purchase of a plot in Mogoditshane.

Upon realizing that the money was missing from the trust account, police investigations revealed that an enraged Montshiwa communicated with Modise demanding to see him at his house on the fateful night.

DECEASED: Montshiwa
DECEASED: Montshiwa

Neighbours told the police that before the shooting they heard voices raised in a fit of rage with one man telling another ‘Bring back my money’.

State Prosecutor, Ernest Mosate, pleaded with the court to have David remanded in custody while police investigations continued. “The police evidence gives rise to reasonable suspicion. First of all, the accused was the last to communicate with the deceased and it was not just plain communication. There was fracas over money that was exchanged between the two and there is a possibility that there was a motive and opportunity for murder. We therefore pray that the accused be remanded in custody to allow for the police to complete their investigations,” he said.

Mosate also said there were two witnesses that the police are yet to interview and that they are only known to the accused who could tamper with investigations should he be set free.

David’s attorney, Kgosietsile Ngakayagae, however parried away any suggestions that his client’s liberty could frustrate police investigations.

He said no reasonable suspicion was established and that the evidence that the police had was inherently hearsay. “The police have been economic with the truth. It wasn’t until cross examination that the court got to learn that the culprit who was seen by witnesses holding a long-barreled gun at the scene was coloured and in no way did his description match my client’s. It is also said someone demanded for their money to be returned, but no one knows whose voice demanded the money. How can we ever know if the deceased owed someone some money and was killed for it,” Ngakayagae wondered and added: “Just because someone you owe was killed does not mean you killed him. The police should investigate and arrest not arrest and investigate.”

Magistrate Ike Raphael considered Ngakayagae’s bail application and granted David a P10 000.00 bail and ordered him to surrender his travel documents and report to G/West Police station daily until the next court appearance on January 25.

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