Suspected killer husband's case committed to high court
FIRST SUSPECT: Ernest Legwale

Two of the suspects in the infamous ‘mistaken identity murder’ have had their case committed to High Court for trial.

Ernest Legwale, 44, is accused of hiring two hitmen to kill his wife, Dimpho Meswele, who was reportedly planning to divorce him.

However, there was allegedly a mix-up and the two ‘hired assassins’, Zimbabwean duo Zwichanaka Dabie and Hamadi Mkhuha, reportedly targeted Dimpho’s lookalike younger sister, 35-year-old Thato Meswele instead.

Thato had been fetching water at Oodi Village, when at around 5:00 on the morning of 10 September 2015 she was attacked and hit over the head with a hard object.

Although she was rushed to Princess Marina Hospital, Thato died of her wounds four days later.

The alleged mastermind behind the killing, Legwale and one of the men he is accused of contracting, Mkhuha, 48, have since been arrested and charged with murder. Dabie, the third suspect, has however managed to evade arrest and is still on the run.

In an earlier mention, Mkhuha submitted a statement of confession before court. It is alleged he was paid more than P20, 000 and also given a BMW car whilst his ‘accomplice’ received just over P15, 000.

Legwale is currently out on bail but the prosecution applied for his remand on the next mention pending trial.

Mkhuha had also applied for bail this week but Magistrate Tonoki dismissed his appeal, ruling he was not a suitable candidate as he was in the country illegally and thus posed a flight risk.

Tonoki ordered the Zimbabwean be remanded in custody until 28 January for further extension.

Meanwhile, State Prosecutor Mhandu told court their investigations were complete but that police were still searching for the third accused.

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