Suspected hit man denied bail
SUSPECTS: Legal and Mkhuha

Justice Segopolo has dismissed murder accused Hamadi Mkuha’s urgent bail application this Tuesday.

Mkuha was jointly charged for murder with Ernest Legwale who is out on bail.

The accused is also facing a charge of unlawfully remaining in Botswana.

The third accused person Zwichanaka Dabie is still on the run.

It is alleged Legwale hired two hit men, Dabie and Mkhuha to kill his wife Dimpho Meswele in 2015 at Oodi Village.

The organised hit is said to have gone wrong as the two men killed Thato Meswele, a look-alike sister to Legwale’s wife.

Mkhuha admitted that Legwale hired him to kill his wife. He claimed he was paid more than P20 000 and also given a BMW car and the other hit man Dabie was paid more than P15 000.

Legwale and his wife were in the process of divorce when the incident occurred.

The police managed to make a breakthrough and arrest the three accused persons last year February.

According to the Investigating Officer, Detective Senior Superintendent Sergeant Marapo said Dabie is an ex-convict who has since served 10 years for burning his brother to death following an argument.

The case was commuted to high court after prosecution indicated that the investigations are complete and ready for trial.

Judge Segopolo said the bail application for Mkhuha will be decided by the judge who will be appointed to preside over the matter.

He extended his remand warrant pending trial dates.

Legwale was granted bail in February by Judge Reuben Lekorwe on condition that he binds himself with P5 000 and provide two sureties each binding themselves with P2 500.

The accused was ordered to maintain a distance of 1000 meters from his ex-wife Dimpho especially from Naledi Senior where she is working and Oodi Village where she resides. He is also to report at Broadhurst Police once a month on Friday and to attend court as and when required to do so.