CHARGED: Balemoge

Molepolole Magistrate Rosemary Khuto has remanded in custody a 42-year-old woman accused of house breaking.

Gorata Dolly Balemoge from Goodhope is facing five counts of malicious damage, housebreaking and stealing from a dwelling house following a spate of incidents in which she allegedly broke into houses and stole food mostly relish, clothes electronic gadgets and money.

Balemopge who has a series of convictions for similar offenses has served three years in prison for housebreaking and theft and is also said to have been in a ‘wanted’ list by various police stations across the country.

The elusive woman allegedly carries a bunch of keys which she tests on different doors and also uses a crow-bar to break the locks.

When addressing the court on Balemoge’s bail application, the Investigating Officer Detective Sergeant Lezibo Bayendi, said Balemoge was arrested at Scotish Livingstone Hospital (SLH) while trying to break into a staff house and the owners called police officers who arrested her.

“By the time she committed the offence, she was on bail and she also has two similar offences pending before Broadhurst magistrates court,” Bayendi explained, noting that the woman was not a bail candidate as she will keep on committing offences.

In her bail application, Balemoge said she has a three-year-old child suffering from cerebral palsy that she is taking care of.

“I asked someone to take care of the child and as for now she said she can no longer afford to cope with my child’s condition. I also have not paid my rent and I can’t even communicate with any friends or relatives for help because my phone has been confiscated by the police,” she remorsefully explained.

The ruling on Balemoge’s bail application will be heard tomorrow (Thursday 14th) at Molepolole Magistrates court.