CRIME SCENE: The cab was found abandoned in the bush

Broadhurst Police have arrested a man who has been on the run since yesterday after he allegedly stole a Honda Fit vehicle belonging to PSTI Cab Company.

Allegations are that the suspect who was accompanied by a certain lady was picked up by a cab at Gaborone West industrial.

The cab driver is said to have left the two in the car while he was talking to someone and the suspect drove away.

The driver of the cab immediately called his office and they used other two company cars to follow the stolen one.

With the help of Precision Vehicle and Asset Tracking Company, they allegedly followed the stolen car until they found it abandoned in the bush near Kumakwane.

The suspect is said to have hit a farm gate and damaged the stolen car before he abandoned it and fled.

Police Spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali, confirmed the incident and said the suspect used to work for PSTI as a driver.

He said this morning the man was arrested by Broadhurst Police. “The Police are still interviewing the suspect and the lady. I can only give a full update on the matter after the police are done with the statements. He is likely to be charged with car theft and damaging property,” he added.

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