New evidence against a Zimbabwean man who was recently found with a loaded military pistol, suggests that the accused may have faked his identity.

The prosecutor in the case, Inspector Mabalane, today told a Broadhurst Magistrates court that Interpol officials in Zimbabwe have confirmed to them that the accused who goes by the name ‘Mike Graduate Mutizwa’, aged 43, does not exist in the country’s identity database. “We have submitted the accused’s fingerprints and passport to Interpol in Zimbabwean and they have confirmed that they only have Graduate Mutizwa and not ‘Mike Graduate Mutizwa’ who lives in Zimbabwe and is not the accused in this matter,” he said.

The prosecutor also pleaded with the court to have the accused’s remand warrant extended as investigations into the matter to have his identity established, continue.

For his part, the accused man maintained that ‘Mike Graduate Mutizwa’ was his real name and pleaded with Magistrate Merafhe Tladi to have a parallel investigation conducted. “The police can check with the Zimbabwean Embassy and they will get confirmation that these are my real names,” he said.

Inspector Mabalane however interjected and told the court that there was no need for such confirmation as the embassy would still need to verify with Interpol.

The accused whose documents suggest he is a highly trained former Air Lieutenant in the Zimbabwean National Army was nabbed in Mmopane recently following a tip-off.

When the police searched his house they found a 9mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol and a magazine loaded with nine rounds of ammunition.

He was also found with stacks of walkie-talkies and hand cuffs as well as notebooks with military tactical information and certificates detaining his military credentials.

The unemployed man was said to have been paying a monthly rental of P3 500.00 and the police say they suspect that the pistol that was seized from him may have been used in criminal activities.

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Hei wena cowditer,pls edit your stories before you make us read them,la re bora tota..its like you copied and pasted,even if you did you must have edited first..


Plz Muller don’t criticize the editor coz o tshwana le wena ga kere o kopela batho ba Mzanzi fa o re cowditor.


This guy must be a spy from Zim government.