She sells wild fruits such as Moretlwa, Mogwana, Mmupudu, Marula product (dikgeru) and Mogorogorwane.

The unemployed, Onalenna Kgethang, who hails from Lecheng in Tswapong District, says she did not get a chance to attend school as her parents were too poor to afford school fees.

Instead of folding her arms and relying on government handouts like some of her peers, the 40-year old Kgethang says she has decided to make ends meet by selling wild fruits to sustain a living as well as to support her two sons who are still at primary school.

Kgethang says that life has never been easy for her, but her small business helps her to survive the odds stacked against the illiterate in the dog eat dog world.


“With the profit I make out of the business I pay rent in Mogoditshane, I pay children’s school fees,” said Kgethang.

She says she sells the sweet wild fruits by the station near the bus rank, and that her customers include everyone who has a taste for veldt products.

She further advised other women to start small businesses, and hinted that some women live under harsh conditions although there are plenty of ideas for survival.

Although she prides herself with her business, Kgethang revealed that she experiences challenges during rainy weather as she does not have a proper shelter to sell under.

“I suffer more, especially during windy seasons. Even the place I operate from is flooded by negligible thieves, who sometimes steal the products when I’m not looking,” she said.

Kgethang says she gathers the wild fruits from her village and that the market is not too bad for the business as most city dwellers occasionally prefer to take a break from unhealthy processed products to take a bite at natural products.

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