Surviving on peanuts

Making ends meet

A survey by Statistics Botswana has found that over 70 percent of waged employees earn less than P4, 000 per month (see Page 7A).

In light of this, Voice Money took to the streets of Gaborone to find out what the capital’s citizens make of the sorry situation.

Phemelo Matlho, 42 – Insurance broker

For one to earn higher money these days, they ought to go further with their education.

For employers to consider remunerating their workers with high salaries, they should encourage them to upgrade their education levels and their professional qualifications, because for one to be promoted, they have to advance.

If you were earning a basic of P6, 000, for you to arrive at P10, 000, just go to school and qualify for that salary.

Tshenolo Kgetheng, 33

There is nothing we can do; we are just waiting for April to hear what government is saying concerning salary increase.

But all in all I can tell you that there is no money in Botswana.

It is tough, and like I said, there is no longer money in this country and we are not even sure where our country is headed or where it will end.

So we are putting our hopes in the government.

Bobby, Assistant Marketing Manager

It is becoming increasingly clear that salaries won’t go up any time soon.

So personally what I think should be done is that employers should offer their workers some form of incentive in order to empower them.

Generally the economy is not doing well, so I think in this case it just needs both employers and employees to find an amicable solution that works for both parties.

Neo – unemployed

That is why I quit my job in December, because I was basically going to work for rental money and for the combi fare to go to work.

I could barely afford to buy myself even a T-shirt! So it did not make sense for me to wake up every morning and end up with nothing come month end.

Remember that parliament recently rejected a motion on living wage, so the future looks bleak.

Having said that, the president has brought renewed hope.

We will just watch.

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