Olopeng encourages women to vote for one another

Tonota Member of Parliament (MP) Thapelo Olopeng last Saturday called on women in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to work together and not allow men to take advantage of them.

Speaking at the BDP Tonota Women’s Wing Branch Congress Olopeng, who is also the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture called on women in his constituency and the BDP to vote more women into positions of influence as this will help their voice to be heard.

He said, “Your issues can be better addressed if there are more women in positions of influence in the party and other structures such as the council. You must work together and avoid petty issues that work against your aspirations. When you vote, issues such as friendship, blood ties and other trivial issues must be the least of your concerns. We need people who can add value to the party more than anything else.”

Olopeng went on to express disappointment that more men than women have been voted into councils and parliament despite that women make up the majority of voters.

He attributed this to the fact that women allowed men to take advantage of them to advance their selfish political ends.

“You must not allow men to use you. Do not allow yourself to be tricked into voting for somebody because they promise you VIP seats once they are voted into office or because they take you to dinners in hotels. It is because some of you fall for such cheap tricks, that is why we have more men than women in positions of political influence,” Olopeng said drawing cheers from the audience.

On another note the MP called on BDP members to accept defeat in all party structures with dignity and work towards building a stronger BDP instead of bickering and working against each as this weakens the party.

“You must accept loss with dignity. Respect those who have defeated you and avoid discrediting the party. We need to help President Khama to build a strong party,” said Olopeng.

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