Suicide in Borolong

Francistown Police have confirmed the suspected suicide of a 23-year-old man from Borolong village, who is believed to have shot himself in his bedroom on Sunday.

Confirming the incident, Station Commander Senior Superintendent Cyprian Magalila, revealed his officers were informed of the death later that day.

“The family members left for church leaving the deceased alone at home without showing that he has a problem. However, upon their arrival back home, they found him dead.

“The deceased is a 23-year-old man from Borolong village. His body was found in his bedroom and just opposite it was a gun. We suspect it has been used but that will only be determined by postmortem,” Magalila told The Voice.

The concerned station commander urged people to seek help whenever they have problems or were feeling depressed.

Magalila further appealed to all parents with guns to acquire safes to store their weapons, as he believes they could potentially prevent deaths in some instances.

He noted that this was the third case of a person shooting themselves to death in Borolong village in the last three years.

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