• Temporary teachers hired during strike not pid


OWED: Whensencilous Mbututu

 Substitute teachers who assisted during the civil servants strike have been left in the lurch with no pay for services rendered at the time the nation and the students needed them the most.

An angry retired primary school teacher who took up temporary employment at Monarch primary school in Francistown during the eight-week strike ,on Wednesday had no clue about when he was likely to be paid for the job done.

Whensencilous Mbututu (44) is one of the four teachers from Monarch primary school who for the past month have been sent from pillar to post by the Department Of Primary Education each time they enquired about their wages.

“Just imagine the amount of time that has lapsed since  the strike ended. Ad up to now we have not seen a dime of the money we worked for. Each day we go to their offices they tell us to come  back the following day, as if it amuses them  when we keep on knocking on their office doors asking for our monies,”  said the former teacher, who was  in the past forced to quit active employment due to ill health.

The irate father of three who has now grown weary of chasing after his pay wondered if  they were ever  going to get their dues at all. He suspected the officers at Ntshe house to be corrupt individuals who only helped only those who greased their palms.

“It seems bribery is what makes the wheels turn in these offices, because one lady, who was hired at the same time with us got her money on the 28th of last month and a few selected others have been long paid,”lamented Mbututu who has over 18 years of teaching experience to his name. “What is to become of us who don’t want or do not have the money to grease palms,”  he said shaking his head in disgust.

Frustrated, Mbututu eventually took his complaint to a higher office only for him to be snubbed. “The Director of Primary Education, Mma Molebi Morolong chased us out of her office like dogs,  claiming, that we were making noise. She said she did not know when we will get paid,” a disappointed Mbututu, who was in the company of his young wife with an infant baby clad on her back commented.

Meanwhile an officer known as Mma Kelaotswe who  launched an investigation  on what happened to unpaid temporarily hired teachers’ salary forms was shocked to retrieve the forms she believed were submitted to the revenue department from the drawers of one salaries officer  known as Takobana.

“The same young man whose name we learnt was Takobana insinuated that maybe we will receive our money on the 22nd of this month, since we had reported him to his bosses,”said the aggrieved former teacher, who has been walking to the Education offices daily from his rented home in Monarch.

When contacted for a comment, the Director of Primary Education, Molebi Morolong said: “If they have not been paid how will you help them? Anyway it’s not true that they have not been paid. If you want me to answer any other questions forward me a questionnaire.The voice sent her a questionnaire and by the time of going to print she hadn’t replied yet.




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Gud for u,le rata di opportunity.U like taking advantage of other people.why did u take over somenelse job e ne a re o bata increase in salary?O kare ba ka go koba ko diofising tsa bone ba seka ba go duela gothelele,le a lapisa.this is betrayal to the people’s struggle.


Nyaa Morolong, se ipate ka questionnaire ga le a duela batho. If they were paid there would be no such feud. Ba dueleng bathong ao! they rescued you in time of need. Imagine if it was you Morolong, please stop all this.


If this person was assisting my business while my staff are creating havoc on the streets i would reward them by paying them on time because they have come in to save the day because one never knows when you will need their assistance again. ITS ALL ABOUT SHOWING APPRECIATION!!
I wonder if the person can seek legal advice


Voice please do not abandon the person until the matter is resolved taking into account that he is unemployed. He probably has mouths to feed

No one who is Professional will shove someone from pillar to post


Suppose it is an example of all this RED TAPE NONSENSE that people have to endure – THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN A PROFESSIONAL OFFICE


EISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!KE MATHATA


“When contacted for a comment, the Director of Primary Education, Molebi Morolong said: “If they have not been paid how will you help them? ”

This persons attitude is definitely OUT OF ORDER


The person should know how to address a member of the public when one is sitting behind a desk


If people behind the desk continue with this attitude your rankings will fall drastically


Hope someone is reading this article and will offer the Gentleman a temporary position – common Someone SNAP HIM UP i am sure he will be efficient!!!!


Shehh! where do pple get guts to treat others like that kante? Mma Morolong pls respect other pple on your way up because you may meet them on your way down.


Some people have GUTS to illtreat members of the Public when the Position they HOLD GOES TO THEIR HEAD. They are on CLOUD 9!!! They need to be brought down to Mother Earth!!


ba yaka ba duetswe it was just that the banks had mix ups,le sang go tlola le tla kgotwa ke diphatsa le leina la teng ke la motho a rumilwe ke opposition