This week at BOSASNet we have a testimony by a parent whose child abuses marijuana and the topic is “Substances robbed me of my child.”

When a parent brings children into this world they are happy, excited and wish to do their best to bring the children up to be responsible adults.

Bringing up a child has its ups and downs. The happy moments are the toothless smiles, the first baby words and so on.

Then also comes the sleepless nights of watching over them when they have fevers, toothaches, measles, you name it. But the biggest nightmare begins when a parent discovers that their child is on substances.

There is disappointment, helplessness and self blame.

One parent shared with us briefly how substances have robbed her of her child.

Parent says,

“My son quit school six years ago when he was doing Standard 7. He has been in and out of prison for possession of marijuana, vandalising property and stealing from people.
At the moment he is in the Boys’ Prison in Molepolole where he is about to complete his four months prison sentence.
He used to sell marijuana and gamble moved around with people he referred to as ‘big shots’ then spent the money on girls and substances.
He boasted that his grandmother brought up his father and his siblings through selling marijuana.
He used to abuse me both physically and emotionally while under the influence and tell me that I do not love him and would break windows and everything he laid his hands on.
He got arrested for breaking into a school and stealing goods.
Before I came to BOSASNet I dreaded having him out of prison because I felt he was going to cause trouble or even corrupt his younger siblings.
I have been a client at BOSASNet for two months now and have learnt to forgive and accept my son.
The burden I was carrying on my shoulders has become lighter and lighter with every session I attend at BOSASNet.”

If you are a mother who has a child who is abusing substances, support is available.

BOSASNet offers counseling support services to co-dependents and those services include education, individual and group therapy (Parent Support Group), through which co-dependents rediscover themselves and are empowered to offer appropriate support to their loved ones who are abusing or addicted to substances.

Please contact BOSASNet on 3959119 or 72659891, find BOSASNet on Facebook or visit the BOSASNet website for more information.

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