The 'stupid' stars of radio
(L-R): Brando & Robin

Their voices are on air every weekday from 6am to 10am on the youthful radio station, Yarona FM.

The two, Robin Chivazve, 41, and Brando Keabilwe, 38, aka Stupid 1 and Stupid 2, have managed to cement their Feel Good Foundation into the hearts of the masses, oozing out their infectious energy from behind the mic.

The programme, which recently celebrated its first birthday, was originally met with mixed reviews from critics, many of whom felt the duo were too old to be hosting a morning show.

Undaunted by the criticism, the veterans have since established themselves as an integral part of local radio.

The Voice’s SHARON MATHALA visited the Yarona FM studios this week where she got to witness the double-act in action, doing what they do best and entertaining the nation.

As The Voice team enters the studio, we have missed the popular ‘Inspector Magagula’ in action, however we are treated to uncanny imitations of characters such as ‘Robert Mugabe’ and ‘Jacob Zuma’.

Q. Thank you for taking the time to meet us. It’s been just over a year since the first show, how have you found the experience?

ROBIN: It has not been easy. We were met with doubts and people casted a lot bad luck on us.

They did not like the fact that we were brought back on radio; there was a lot of resistance but we managed to sail through it all!

Q. Most of that ‘resistance’ stemmed around your age. Many felt you were too old to host the morning show of a youthful radio station – what’s your take?

ROBIN: We do not think age is a factor. In fact age does not matter, it has actually worked in our favour.

We are still as energetic as we should be.

Actually what should be noted is that we have managed to do better than the younger guys on radio!

Q. How did the idea for ‘The feel Good foundation’ come about?

BRANDO: The show first went on air last year October. We basically saw a gap, in that morning radio was a bit too serious and it sounded the same.

We wanted to make the listener feel good; we wanted to remind them that as much as there is a lot going on in everyday life, there is also a good side to life, and we wanted to do this in a humorous way.

I mean we do touch on serious trending issues but we always add a little flair in the conversation for the good laugh.

Q. Co-hosting a show, you are bound to get comments on who is the better presenter – how do you handle such comments?

BRANDO: First of all, aside from our morning radio gig, we are friends. We bring the best out of each other.

There is no Feel Good Foundation without the both of us.

Most of the jokes are crafted by Robin and executed by me.

We work together in almost every aspect of the show.

Q. Who gets paid more?

BRANDO: I mean I am just a co-host in the show. Most of the background work is done by Robin, so he obviously gets more but I negotiated a package that I am happy with.

We are a tag team and we complement each other, that’s what matters.

Q. How did the idea for Stupid 1 and Stupid 2 come about?

BRANDO: It just caught on. We are always fooling around and being silly so it was sort of inevitable that the names would catch on.

It is basically because of all the characters and moments we have had in studio.

Q. Your former Programmes Manager, Bonnie Dintwa made a few less than complimentary remarks about the Feel Good Foundation, citing it as one of the main reasons why he left Yarona FM.

How did that make you feel?

BRANDO: The thing is he is a person who is basically stuck trying to live in the past.

He needs to focus on what he is doing, his attention should be on what he needs to do for online radio. He is very sour about where he’s coming from; it’s very unprofessional what he said!

ROBIN: There are more than a hundred radio stations in Botswana and beyond, listen to what you want to listen to.

Do not worry about us, we okay! I do not expect everybody to like the show.

Whether he chooses to listen to his wife, that is okay; rona we are just doing us.

Q. Which public figure would be your dream choice to have an exclusive interview with?

BRANDO: Definitely the President of Botswana, Ian Khama. He has a really good sense of humour.

He has some serious comedy game.

Q. How would you rate The Feel good foundation out of a 10?

BRANDO: An 8/10.

ROBIN: There is room for improvement, but the show is fast gaining momentum.

We have had people who did not believe in the concept also come up to us and say that they have since started to like the show.

Q. You recently had a public spat with local Hip Hop head, SCAR. What was that about?

ROBIN: The truth is I do not like being disrespected.

I use social media for constructive engagement and to build my brand as Robbie Rob; I am not interested in being personal.

I felt that SCAR was being a bit too personal.

It was time to get dirty, but generally I am a grown man with children, I have not time for petty FB spats and beefs and dramas.

I made it clear during that argument when I was done I said I was done, and I have not said anything since.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

BRANDO: It has to be ATI. He is just awesome; he has a brilliant mind and likes to push boundaries and I like that.

I have zero when it comes to the females.

Q. TGIF, how will you be spending your Friday?

ROBIN: My mother in law, MmaTshipi has her 60th birthday so I will be with her. She loves Facebook.

BRANDO: I will be working – I have an event I am Mcing at.

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