ABANDONED: Old Tatitown Primary School

Unruly students in Francistown are said to have turned some of the city’s deserted buildings into havens for illicit sex and drugs.

The startling revelations emerged recently at a meeting held by civic leaders together with Guidance & Counseling teachers and officials from the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development (MYESCD).

The shocking revelations prompted the authorities to visit two of the many ‘sex and drug initiation schools’ at the low-income and notorious location of Block I and the old Tatitown Primary School near Bluetown location.

An abandoned one-roomed house at Block I, codenamed Room 9, and the old Tatitown Primary School were a sore sight during the visit with used condoms strewn around.

“It is shocking to learn that a Standard One student at one of the local schools is part of those initiated at the popular Room 9 into sex and drugs, his parents need to do everything possible to get him in one of the drug rehabs in NJ before it is too late” Itekeng ward councilor and Francistown City Council (FCC)’s Youth Committee Chairperson, Lesego Kwambala said.

Frowning at the misdeeds alleged to be taking place at the two initiation schools, which he visited alongside MYSEC officials and journalists, Kwambala said the situation has put students’ lives at risk.

Explaining in graphic details what guidance and counseling teachers said about the sex and drug initiation schools, Kwambala charged that the already initiated students are recruiting others into the unsacred cult.

“We have also learnt that as part of the rituals, they tie a string around the waists of those newly recruited as a sign of membership. After a week or so, the recruited boys and girls will be ready to indulge in sex. Chances of condoms being used are very slim,” charged the concerned Kwambala.

For her part, a MYSEC official Minkie Bokole said the indulgence of students in sex and drug escapades is a disturbing development.

“As long as those two initiation schools exists, the future of the young boys and girls will be in jeopardy,” said Bokole, adding that there is need for immediate action to be taken to protect the youngsters.

Superintendent Neo Serumola of Kutlwano Police Station says they recently responded to reports by concerned residents at the abandoned house in Block I where they found dagga stumps at the scene and also picked a “strong stench that suggested sexual activity took place at the scene.”



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