A Form 3 student in Gaborone has made startling claims that have all the hallmarks of Satanism, after he told of an encounter with devil worshippers.

Superintendent Bonosi Molapisi of Broadhurst Police Station has confirmed that the report was lodged at his station on Sunday night.

It is alleged that earlier on the day, the 16-year old boy who stays with his parents at Glen Valley BDF Barracks, had left home for tutoring at Tlokweng.

At around 7pm the boy’s father received a text message from the teenager’s phone reading: “If you want your son back it is going to be hard to find your son because he is under my control.I am using his mind to kill and to drink blood and you will never ever change him back again by king of darkness the power of red devil polao ya motho; 666 the war is starting now.I am going to kill; I am using your son’s phone to show u the truth”.

The boy’s father tried to call the number but the call did not go through. When he called the tutor she told him that the boy left her place at 5pm and that he was just in good condition.

The worried father then decided to go and report the matter at Broadhurst Police Station and before leaving the barracks, he met the boy who told him that whilst on the way from the tutor’s house he met a bunch of people with painted faces and one of them holding a big talking snake.

He claimed that they told him that their king was looking for him and that before he could comprehend what was going on he found himself at the Glen Valley BDF camp.

“It is true that we received such a report, but since the boy was said to be in a confused state of mind, the parents are trying to seek help for him. We cannot confirm or deny if his story is true because he was said to have been acting strange,” Supt Molapisi said.

The boy’s father who is a soldier and stationed at Glen Valley also confirmed the incident but said his son had recovered. “It’s true that such an incident took place and we’re not taking it lightly. We have since taken the boy for prayers and it seems to have worked because he is now back at school and is not complaining or fearful anymore,” he said.

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Jack bandla

Betsang ngwana yoo o tshamekisa ba2!

keatlaretse marobela

He only need deliverance of 21 days.god wil hlp himrily


Take the boy to WCCC church in Tlokweng Prophet L Justin will sort the devil out.


Eisang ngwana ko Moria o tla tla a nale maitseo…..


Oh Lord

virginia ookeditse

Aaaaah lefatshe le fedile ele ruri


take him UCKG ,he be fine

Million Tshoganetso

this world is sick we need to pray harder cause devil is turning to be in control of this country…


Take him to Prophet Vee a tle a mo rapelle


Take him to any delivering church with true man of God.


o yaaka motho yoo

Tracy Segale

ngwana yoo o thoka thapelo tsedi serious, mo iseng kerekeng modimo a mo golole.


be delivered in jesus name! i deaclare deliverance upon the child’s life

Lol.. hahahahahaha “Profet VEE”….