Student fined P3000 for dagga
FINED: Tumisang Kgoleyamotho

Village Magistrate Lndiwe Makgoro found Tumisang Kgoleyamotho guilty and fined him P3000 or two years imprisonment if he fails to pay for possession of dagga.

During facts reading court heard that on November, 27th, 2018 during Police Crime Intelligence Branch raid at Phase I Gaborone West, Kgoleyamotho was found sitting with a group of young men but when he saw police officers he panicked and threw away a plastic bag.

However constable Molatlhegi saw him and asked him to pick and open it only to find a greenish substance suspected to be dagga inside. The substance was taken to Forensic lab where it was certified to be dagga weighing 3.7g.

When asked to take a plea the 27-year-old Kgoleyamotho pleaded guilty and admitted that he was a dagga smoker and that the substance in the plastic bag was indeed his dagga.

During mitigation Kgoleyamotho pleaded with magistrate to be lenient in sentencing him because he was a student preparing for his final examinations.

He said passing his course would help him find a job so that he could take care of his family since he was a breadwinner looking after his younger sister.

State Prosecutor Theo Mpelege told the court that Kgoleyamotho was a first time offender who was cooperative and immediately admitted the substance belonged to him during arrest.

When passing sentence Makgoro agreed with prosecution that Kgoleyamotho did not waste court time by pleading guilty.

She fined him P3000 or two years imprisonment term if he failed to pay the fine.

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