Stranded at the bar
Stranded at the bar

On Saturday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole joined a friend at Masa Bar in Molepolole, where he eavesdropped on a conversation between three men on the miseries of being left stranded at the bar.

MAN IN JEANS: I hate friends that start looking for ladies whenever we’ve gone to a bar, or a nightclub to drink.

Usually when I realise my friend is onto girls, I’d do anything in my power to get the lady to lose interest in him.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: It’s possible for a friend to leave you stranded, especially one who’s in the habit of having one-night stands.

MAN IN SUNGLASSES: It’s like something similar that happened to me the other day. My friend and I were at a nightclub. He met a beautiful young girl and secretly left with her when I went to use the toilet.

As the nightclub closed, he was nowhere to be found. His car wasn’t at the parking spot. I tried to call his mobile phone, but it was switched off.

I was angry, as I had to walk home, which is a distance of a few kilometres, in the very cold hours of the morning. (laughter).

MAN IN JEANS: You were very brave. Were you not afraid of thugs?

MAN IN SUNGLASSES: Sometimes when a situation is hard, you put fear away.

I know that people who own cars are always difficult, so I didn’t want to waste time trying to beg them for a lift.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: In my situation, I met a lady in a bar. She promised to go with me to her place.

I bought her alcohol but when she realised I was broke, she disappeared into thin air.

My cousin had left with the other girl. I was new in Mahalapye and didn’t know the way back home.

A man passed me by a shop that night. He told me to follow him, as the place was dangerous.

Luckily, he bought me some drink and offered me accommodation.

To this day, I don’t think I could ever be able to identify him, or his place. (laughter).

The conversation ends as the man in jeans walks into the bar to buy drinks.

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