ACCUSED: Joseph Beset


A middle-aged Kumakwane man is facing an obscene, unusual and extremely violent accusation.

39-year-old Joseph Besent is accused of cutting off his longtime girlfriend’s ears and then forcing her to eat them.

The injured woman, Gosego Lucas, 39, who has a child with her alleged attacker, is currently recovering at Princess Marina Hospital.

According to the police, the traumatised woman cannot speak and can hardly hear.

The gruesome incident reportedly took place on Saturday (7 September) after Besent and his lover went to the lands intending to collect a goat to slaughter for the family.

Whilst deep in the bush, Besent supposedly brandished a knife and overpowered Lucas.

After allegedly beating her to a pulp, he is then said to have hacked off both her ears before making her eat the evidence.

Giving details of the upsetting episode, a well-placed source claimed that after the alleged attack, Besent ‘calmly’ phoned his tenant, requesting his children be taken to his parents.

“He told the man renting his house to meet him at the bush and the said man went there with another man. When the two men arrived they were shocked to find the woman beside the road lying on her back with bruises on her face and without ears,” said the source, adding grimly, “no traces of her ears have been found!

“The man is suspected to have also twisted the woman’s arm, which appeared to have been fractured,” the source further told The Voice.

Although he was reluctant to go into detail, Thamaga Station Assistant Superintendent, Busang Malope, confirmed his office are investigating the incident.

“There is nothing more to say. The lovers have been in a relationship for a lengthy period, which I cannot disclose the exact duration. They had a misunderstanding and we are still to establish what transpired,” said Malope.

During the accused’s arraignment before Molepolole Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Sergeant Modise Masala revealed the complainant was hospitalised and unable to record a statement.

“She is speechless and hardly hears as we speak,” he explained, before requesting Besent be denied bail.

MAIMED: Gosego Lucas recovering from her ordeal

“The accused and the victim are staying together in Kumakwane, may he be remanded in custody as he might interfere with police investigations if released on bail.”

For his part, Besent, who has been charged with unlawful wounding – further charges are expected to follow – cut a forlorn figure during his court appearance.

His argument that he should be given bail as he has chickens and a school-going child to care for failed to win his freedom.

Feeling the heat at the packed court’s furious reaction when details of his alleged actions were read out – one man suggested he be made to eat a part of his own anatomy – Besent bowed his head and kept his tone respectful.

Slinking off into the shadows in shackles, he waited quietly for the cops to take him away.

The Botlhapapelo ward man will return to court for mention on September 24.

Looking disappointed and stressed with the court murmuring about his gruesome violence, Besent walked out of the dock after he was ordered to appear for mention on September 24th, 2019.