Selibi- Phikwe Police station commander Victor Nlebesi has warned women who prefer dating young men to desist from such practice, which he said was common in the mining town.

Nlebesi issued the controversial warning after a 22-year- old jilted young man brutally killed his 27- year-old lover in full view of stunned onlookers in Selebi-Phikwe recently.

According to the police the irate young man slit the older woman’s   throat with a knife when she wanted to end the relationship.

“Many of these young guys who get involved with older women do so for monetary support and when the older woman wants to cut off their supply by ending the relationship, they become aggressive and violent, ” Nlebesi charged. “The women must therefore wise up and just stop the practice.” Nlebesi advised.

The police boss further revealed that most of the threats to kill cases they received in Phikwe mainly involved young lovers threatening their sugar mummies.

It has however emerged from court records that the young killer had accused the woman he killed of having infected him with HIV/AIDS and had confessed to the police that he had planned to kill her a week before but failed to master the courage to do it then. He was scheduled to appear for mention soon.

“Last year between January and May we had eight cases of threat to kill but the figure this year stands at 11 already which is extremely worrisome,”Nlebesi noted.

Another grave concern for the Phikwe police is the rising incidences of rape. This year Phikwe police have already recorded 25 rape cases while in 2011 22 were recorded by June.

“Most of the rapes are committed by ex lovers. They disappear for months or years and when they return they break the door and demand sex.If the woman refuses they rape her.” Nlebesi explained before he sternly warned men who engage in such criminal behaviour to desist from it or risk facing the full weight of the law.

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Hey ga se gore ma 14 are not just like 2minuts noddles when gunning these elderly woman may be di antsha ka ma 14 may be shud get one for myself.

mmaagwe banyana

lets be fair here,la reng ka bo mdala ba ba ratanang le bana?. bao ba worse.ebile 22-27 gaa bad.imagine a 50yr old man le ngwana yoo 25yrs.this world is sick lets pray


Gatweng tota…..22, 27 is not bad. ke dumalana le wena mmaagwe banyana.. bannabagolo ba ntsha dipopelo tsa bana kwa ga gotwe sepe ka bona

Keeme Stop

Bannabagolo ba re jela makgarebe bagaetsho me ga gona molomo, guyz kill until tha Police ba itse go viyisa molao sharp