Angry businessman threatens to dump waste all over town

The Director of Ngami Waste and Sewage System, Gabriel Wellio has lambasted Water Utilities Corporation for its poor maintenance of the Maun waste dumping pond. Threatening to dump waste all over town in protest of poor maintenance of the local waste pond, which he complained had become a health hazard for both animals and humans, Wellio said. “Our drivers are at risk, they leave that area safely by sheer luck and we cannot rely on luck on every delivery.”

Speaking to The Voice in an interview, the fuming 50-year-old businessman said that the sewage pond, under the management of Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has not been maintained for a long time and has therefore become very dangerous.
“Our pond has not been maintained since I started this business in 1996 and part of the wall, which was supposed to protect our trucks when disposing waste, has fallen. Our trucks simply go in and out without disinfection and that is a health hazard,” he added.

FRUSTRATED: Gabriel Wellio
FRUSTRATED: Gabriel Wellio

Wellio said that he had lodged his complaints with WUC management before but his grievances have been ignored. Amongst the issues he raised are unsuitable operational times and maintenance of the road to the pond. He argued that it would be best for sewage companies to have the pond gates opened at 0500hrs and close at 2200hrs instead of the current 08;00 to 16: 30hrs.

“You have to know that we collect waste from far away places like lodges in the bush and the current operational times are not compatible with our working hours, which often forces us to keep waste in our trucks overnight. If they don’t improve we will be left with no choice but to dispose it everywhere in the village, including at their offices,” said the frustrated man.

He also complained that whenever there is a fee increment made, they are always given a short notice of 24hrs. “ They have to give us a month notice so that we can also let our clients know well in time,” he said.
The Voice took a trip to the pond and as alleged by Wellio; we found sewage spilling into the bush and cattle drinking the filthy water. WUC Spokesperson, Matida Mmipi asked for a questionnaire, which she had not responded at press time.

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