Francistown farmers call for Tombale’s head

“If you are heading a project and it continues to collapse, the sensible thing for you to do would be to hit the exit button to allow someone with fresh ideas to take over.

The time has come for you to step aside,” an enraged farmer, Basimane Rakgomo told Tombale to a thunderous applause from a packed to capacity hall at a farmers meeting in Francistown yesterday.

The frustrated farmers in the Francistown Region unanimously called for the resignation of the Botswana Meat Commission’s (BMC) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Akolang Tombale at the meeting to address their many grievances including the indefinite close down of the Francistown abattoir and the late payment for their cattle.

The aggrieved farmers argued that Tombale has run out of both ideas and steam to solve their problems in the northeast following the close down of the Francistown abattoir last year.

Another fed up farmer from Zone 6, Lesego Tlhalerwa also spoke up after Rakgomo and reiterated the call for Tombale to pack and go.

Tombale however admitted that BMC has problems but refused to take responsibility for the closure of the Francistown abattoir.

“I came to BMC in 2012 when it had already collapsed, I do not know if I could be blamed for the collapse but if I do not restructure, the BMC would collapse completely,” Tombale said in his defense.

The meeting was called by angry farmers who have been left with a huge financial burden of transporting their cattle to the Lobatse abattoir after the Francistown abattoir closed down indefinitely last year because it apparently failed to meet its 800 cattle a day quota, an argument farmers have dismissed as a flimsy excuse to drive them out of business, citing that the slaughter house could be downsized to meet the demand.

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