State loses against Isaac Kgosi's wife

Lobatse High Court judge yesterday ruled in favour of former spy chief’s wife , Jennifer Matlho Seitshiro in a case in which the state through the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had evicted her from her home amid investigations on her husband.

Lobatse high court judge, Tebogo Tau ruled that Seitshiro should move back to her home as long as she does not sublet it or alienate the property.

This was after Seitshiro argued in court that neither her husband nor herself have been charged with any criminal offence relating to their properties.

She said through an affidavit submitted in court that even the DPP has aknowledged that she is the one servicing the loan and not her husband.

” The DPP and the DCEC by their own revelation have said that investigations are preliminary and further investigations are necessary. Nothing is conclusive at this stage.”

She further submitted that, “The investigations are said to be complex by the DPP, and as a result they may take ages to be complete and even if I was to rent an alternative house , I would suffer economic harm for a period that is unidentified.”

Ruling in her favour the court decided that, “She maintains the value of the property by amongst others not removing any of the fixtures, maintaining all the accessories of the property including swimming pool, garden , security installations subject to normal tear and wear.”

The judge further ruled that she continues to discharge her financial obligations in respect to the property including any obligations in relation to the mortgage bonds, insurance, rates, taxes, licenses, utilities such as water and electricity accounts and all interest accruing in respect of such obligations, pending the finalization of the forfeiture proceedings unless such a person signs consent to judgment in favour of the applicant (Seitshiro).”

She has also been instructed to cooperate with the state at any given time.

Meanwhile the case in which Seitshiro’s husband was slapped with a warrant of arrest is set to resume before the broadhurst Magistrate court on Wednesday.

Her husband, the once feared DIS boss, Kgosi is before court for knowingly publishing names and identities of DIS agents with a local newspaper.

He is however currently admitted in Malaysia for a back operation but the state had declared him a fugitive and obtained a warrant of arrest for him, which was later temporarily suspended by the court following proof that he was indeed in hospital.

Tomorrow the case will be back in court for argument on whether the suspension of the warrant should be made permanent or not.