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Magosi re-hires DIS ‘hacker’ * Allegedly recruited to keep tabs on Khama

In a development that would have James Bond scratching his head, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) have re-hired the man suspected of hacking their system last year.

37-year-old Frederick Moleboge Mathibe has allegedly been brought back for a specific mission: to spy on former President Ian Khama and his associates.

Information reaching The Voice is that Mathibe was contracted to source out information on the nature of dealings between South African businesswoman, Bridgette Motsepe and Khama and his allies.

Earlier this year a phone call recording between Motsepe and Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi’s son, Kabelo Binns was leaked to the media.

A highly placed source has linked the leak to Mathibe, who is currently based in Johannesburg.

The source has since shared with The Voice photocopies of two passports he claims belong to Mathibe. One is South African and the other local.

“He was in the same car with Bridgette when she made that phone call to Binns and then to Daphney Kadiwa (former Chief of Protocol during Khama’s presidency). He was paid P2 million for the project and the Motsepes know this,” insisted the loose-lipped source, speaking to The Voice on condition of anonymity.

Confirming Mathibe’s re-hiring, DIS Director General Peter Magosi told The Voice, “I do know the man you are talking about. I can confirm that he worked with Rre [Isaac] Kgosi in the build up to the elections back in 2014.”

Quizzed on why DIS would re-engage the services of a man suspected of hacking their system in the past – Mathibe also has a case before Mochudi Police in which he is accused of hacking into LEA’s system back in 2015 – Magosi replied, “What I can say to you is that yes he was a DIS agent when I was not head of the agency.

“He somehow fought with Rre Kgosi and was dismissed. When I took over I found nothing wrong with what he had been accused of doing so I cleared him of any wrongdoing. I felt it was personal differences between him and Kgosi.”

When asked if he had anything else to add, Magosi somewhat cryptic response was, “There are certain issues I cannot discuss with you for obvious reasons. But you should know that the DIS has operations where sometimes there are moles and hosts.

“They are trying to derail us but we will not be derailed. This is why they are giving you such stories!” concluded the spy chief.

Meanwhile, efforts to reach Mathibe were futile by the time of going to press as his phone first rang unanswered before it was switched off completely.

Mathibe came to prominence back in 2014 when he was involved in a legal battle with the DIS and the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) over a P1 billion tender. Mathibe and his business partner had taken the BDP to court for failure to pay them for services rendered in the run up to the elections.

In an open letter published in local newspapers, Mathibe’s former partner, one Monty Chiepe, had in 2014 described Mathibe and his other partner as ‘seasoned cyber criminals’.

“I feel duty bound out of public interest to issue the following notice: Please be informed that Temo Tau and Frederick Mathibe, who are directors / owners of Noroc Technologies (PTY) Ltd, are seasoned cyber criminals who engage in a series of crimes including, but not necessarily limited to cloning of institutions, internet fraud, false representation, obtaining by false pretenses, hacking, scams and impersonations.”

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