Spooky hostels
Spooky hostels

-Evil spirits torment students- claim

-Pastor parts ways with Maun Secondary School

In claims similar to events of scary movies, female boarding students at Maun Senior Secondary School have told of how they are being tormented and harassed by evil spirits under the cover of darkness.

This is not the first time for the school to be linked to evil acts as in 2013 dog parts and heads of different snakes were discovered in classrooms in a suspected case of witchcraft and satanism.

Boarding students claim to be spending sleepless nights in prayer at the hostels fighting against what they suspect to be evil spirits.

According to them, it is only when they pray that the suspected witches or evil spirits leave, though they always strike again the following day.

Narrating the ordeal to The Voice, students who requested to remain anonymous claimed that during the wee hours of the night, lights and all things electrical are mysteriously switched off resulting in total darkness and thereafter the evil spirits pounce.

“That is when we will start to experience, hear and see shocking things in the midst of that darkness. We often hear the sound of a crying baby, footsteps in the corridors and see images of human beings roaming on the walls,” claimed one of the students.

The students blamed the school church, accusing it of practising Satanism.

Spooky hostels

According to them, despite prayer being their only weapon to fight these evil spirits, church authorities on the other hand are against it.

“They don’t want us to pray at the hostels during the night. They say the more we fight the evil spirit the more it attacks,” claimed another student.

Reached for a comment, School Head, Selebatso Modisaemang briefly said, “I don’t know anything about those issues so please don’t ask me about them.”

When asked about the school church leadership she revealed that they parted ways with the Reverend who was in charge of the church on June 4.

She however refused to clarify if the Reverend was fired or resigned.

Meanwhile, North West Regional Education Office Director, Galesengwe Mohube, confirmed that some students from the school came to his office with such complaints, but said the students falsely claimed to be representing the majority.

Mohube said what students are claiming to be experiencing at the hostels are just imaginations and nothing real.

“You cannot stop people from believing what they want to but that should not negatively affect the institution in anyway.”

Mohube said the school programme has a church service that is compulsory to all students but clarified that it does not stop students from worshipping at churches of their choice.

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