Mokubung Mokubung


Selibi Phikwe Economic Diversification Unit (SPEDU) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mokubung Mokubung says they are geared towards improving lives in the region and beyond through projects that have been set up to achieve such.

Addressing a press conference on SPEDU’s progress recently Mukubung said:

“We aim through our projects to improve the lives of the people in our region and also have an impact countrywide. SPEDU is not only about Phikwe but the whole region. We have 52 villages around Phikwe and want to leave a footprint in these villages as well”

The SPEDU boss said improving the economy of these villages whose population and that of Selibi Phikwe is about 90 000 people will also stem the rural urban population migration which is driving masses from the villages in the hope of a better life in the copper nickel town.

The projects with which SPEDU intends to create jobs and improve Phikwe’s dwindling economy are Horticultural Processing Factory and the Dam Tourism Project.

Mokubung said the factory will source produce from farmers country wide and will not target any particular group of famers whilst licences for dam tourism will only be open to citizens and citizen owned companies.

On another note Mokubung revealed that SPEDU acquired 74 light industrial plots in Selibi Phikwe which will be offered to serious local entrepreneurs at P80.00 per a square metre.

“We won’t offer these plots to speculators who may buy so as to sell them at a profit later” he said.

Mokubung said besides improving Phikwe’s industrial and tourism capacity SPEDU is in the process of electrifying 44 farms in the Bobonong area to facilitate better horticultural production.

“We want to make this region the breadbasket of the country” he said.

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