MURDERED: Chiyapo Molathwa


Families unite to bury disgraced wife

Gossip gave way to a dark cloud of grief as the devastated families of a married woman murdered by her boyfriend was laid to rest in Masunga last weekend.

The traumatized husband, Dimpho Molatlhwa cut a lonely and distraught figure as he sat in silence and held on to his distressed and grieving two little boys.

Hundreds of mourners wailed openly for their departed friend.

Chiyapo Molathwa, 29, of Selolwane ward in Tutume was the victim of a passion killing that left residents of the sleepy village of Masunga shaking their heads in disbelief as many tried to understand why a lover would kill another man’s wife.

Speaking at the funeral Dimpho’s father, Nchebuki Molathwa told of how back in 2012 his son complained that a man called Goratamang Isaya was wrecking his marriage.

“We sent a family delegation to Gaborone where Isaya lived to meet with his parents, but both Goratamang and Chiyapo denied that they were having an affair. Nevertheless Goratamang continued to destabilize my son’s marriage.”

Molathwa told how the families met for the second time to discuss the matter, but still the two denied a relationship existed even though so many people knew by then that they were a couple.

The old man further talked of how his nurse daughter-in law relocated to Gaborone to study midwifery for two years, which gave her the opportunity to freely carry on the affair since she now lived in the same city as her lover.

At the beginning of this year she however completed her studies and returned to Masunga where she was deployed.

“Last week Wednesday Chiyapo went to visit her boyfriend in Gaborone while her soldier husband was away on a work trip. We do not know what happened. The post-mortem shows she was stabbed five times on the chest,” Molatlhwa said.

Another speaker was the murdered woman’s uncle, Lot Moroka who described the incident as a ‘disgrace.’

“This must be a lesson to other youth and married couples that they should follow the right procedure if a marriage is not working. Cheating is not the solution. People should also go through pre-marital counselling before tying the knot. We have failed our son in law,” Judge Moroka who was one of the elders engaged to assist with the marriage wrecking case lamented.

Meanwhile information reaching The Voice has indicated that after stabbing Chiyapo, Goratamang a 29- year-old banker, attempted to commit suicide by hanging.

He was however rescued by a passer-by.

A note that read: ‘Ke bolaile motho’ (I have killed a person) was retrieved from his pocket.

Chiyapo’s father Ronnie Lowani is not a stranger to grief having lost his son in a tragic accident and also his wife.

He spoke of his heartbreak and lamented his daughter’s stubbornness and refusal to listen to advice.

“I even became her enemy because I was against her affair, but I still loved her. She was all I had. My wife died and Lalu was my last hope.
Her elder brother drowned in a well when he was four years of age in 1985. And now I have lost both my children to painful death. I really do not know what I have done to God to deserve such punishment.”

Commenting on the restraint and discipline showed by the cheated husband Lowani aded: “My son-in law suffered emotionally.
He was abused but he had self-control. When I received news that Lalu was killed, I immediately thought it was done by her husband, but surprisingly it was the boyfriend.
I will look after her children with the help of their father.”




Dimpho and Chiyapo got married in 2010 but their marriage started to show cracks when the husband complained about his wife’s affair with Isaya in 2012 following facebook photos of Chiyapo and Isaya’s travels to Kasane and Durban.

Emotionally distraught Dimpho could only say: “I am in shock. Words fail me.”

Police in Gaborone said investigations into the murder were still at a preliminary stage.

“We have arrested Isaya, charged him with murder and remanded him in prison custody.

He was alone with the deceased when he committed the offence so we don’t really have any details yet as to what transpired,” Superintendent Bonosi Molapisi of Broardhurst Police station said.

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