SONG AND DANCE; Revellers at the Son of the soil event

After a one year hiatus, cultural and music event ‘Son of the Soil’ returned amid jubilation yesterday as a bumper crowd thronged Serokolwane lawns dressed up for the occasion.

Feet stomped and whistles and ululation blew through the air as enthusiastic patrons, came together for the colourful social gathering that promises by all accounts, to become a seminal date in the country’s entertainment calendar.

Living up to its traditional fashion appeal, the event saw patrons rocking their traditional attire, especially the blue and white GermanPrint (leteisi) which proved popular among both the young and old.

As per the norm, patrons were divided into three different groups (Kgotla), along different themes.

The morning session began with traditional games but due to the intense heatwave the program had to be rearranged with some of the games being dropped off for health reasons.

The heatwave however did not spoil the excitement for fun lovers as by 4pm the entertainment level had heightened.

After queueing up to taste the different traditional dishes on offer, it was time for the wash down and for the imbibers, the traditional brew “Maswe a dinala” proved to be the favourite as most were spotted eagerly holding their calabashes (phafana), well into the night.

But it was traditional singer Dr Vom who stole the show with his 10-year-old “Tsaya Thobane” song who proved to be highlight of the event.

As soon as the singer- with his trademark biblical Moses appearance, sauntered on stage, frenzied patrons gathered with their long sticks to symbolise Moses’ shepherding staff.

The artist, as usual, lived up to expectations as he belted out the people’s song and set the tone for the day’s traditional lyrical embrace of song and dance.

Sharing the stage with Dr Vom was also Han C, Nono Siile and Gaone of “Kopisa” fame.