Harrowing details in the triple murder of the Ramantosha family members in Molepolole have emerged in the wake of the arrest of the suspected killers.

Jaws dropped this morning (Thursday) in Molepolole Magistrates court gallery as the only surviving family member, Tebogo Ramantosha, turned up in shackles under heavy police escort with his three partners in crime- charged with the murder of his father, mother and younger brother.

Under the knowing glares from the incensed crowd, the 27-year-old Ramantosha and his co-accused Mmoloki Boniface Tlhaelo (37), Poloko Segwagwa (27) and Cornelious Saidoo (38) clutched copies of their charge sheets as they sat in the dock in shame with bowed heads, amid hostile murmurs from members of the public who bayed for their blood.

The four men are charged with the murder of 55-year-old Patrick Ramantosha, his wife Boingotlo Ramantosha (47) and the last born son Keabetswe Ramantosha (22) on June 21st, 2018.

They were told not to enter any plea as investigations into the matter are still at infancy stage.

Outside the courtroom, tongues wagged as neighbours and relatives told of how Ramantosha was driven by greed to kill his own family. “His father had informed the family about his desire to buy a tractor and a van, so Tebogo thought he had a lot of money stashed in the house and he informed his friends and told them to threaten and rob the old man with fake guns. Unfortunately the bank had not released any money yet, so the old man did not have anything to give to the thieves. They then killed the whole family to destroy any evidence,” a relative who did not want to be named said.

The lifeless bodies of all three were found with faces covered with duct tape and concealed with pieces of fabric while their hands and legs were tied together with shoe strings.

A plasma television set and two cellphones belonging to the deceased were also stolen during the gruesome incident.

A week after the burial of his family members, Ramantosha vanished, further deepening the mystery of the murder of his family members.

In an effort to unravel the mystery, police in Molepolole mounted a search for Ramantosha, appealing to members of the public to report any sighting of him to the nearest police station.

Yesterday (July 25th) the police made a major breakthrough as they arrested Ramantosha in Molepolole and he allegedly confessed to the murder of his family members and named his partners in the crime.

The police further narrowed their investigations as they rounded Tlhaelo, Segwagwa and Naidoo who admitted to have committed the crime after threatening their victims with a pellet gun.

State Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Uyapo Koketso said the investigations are at an initial stage and pleaded with the court to further remand the accused persons.

The investigating officer in the case, Sub Inspector Barulaganye Tiase, also told the court that they spent sleepless nights tracking the suspects and pleaded with the court to consider the seriousness of the offense and the manner in which it was committed. “We cannot simply say it is a simple matter. It is a serious offense and in the next sitting we will be in a position to reveal some part of the investigations,” he said.

Chief Magistrate Linah Oahile-Mokibe ordered the accused to be remanded in custody to enable the police to complete their investigations and come for mention on August 9th.