I’m a very active person and I like keeping busy, you know I’m one of those people who are always itching to do something. So I volunteered to help at the Reading Association of Botswana conference for a week because I was just too tired of sitting home with nothing productive to do. I don’t know guys but I think that the three months break we are given at Mmadikolo is just too much, it’s absolute torture I tell ya. I never thought I would live to say this but I missed school when we were closed.

Anyhow, there were other young people who had volunteered to help out so I made new friends, interesting new friends I must add. Now during tea and lunch breaks we would all sit around one big table and chat away. Now my cousin, who had also volunteered asked why guys never apply lotion on their whole body, apparently they only lotion parts that’ll be exposed. I was intrigued by this, I never knew that guys don’t apply lotion on their whole body! So while were still on the lotion issue, I thought of something as well. Now I asked these friends of mine how they would respond or act if their boyfriend or girlfriend had a smelling problem. You know, B.O (bad odor), be it armpits, mouth, nose, back etc.

BO illustration

But seriously guys I mean think of it, don’t you think that this is a sticky and very much difficult situation to be in. How do you tell your partner that they have an odor problem? Where do you even begin or do you just keep quiet and live with it?
Do you buy your partner bath salts, deodorants and all or do you just tell them the problem straight up? These are the questions that I asked and well most of the volunteers said they would buy their girl/boyfriend products to use as a gift, you know to hint that di a ntsha daa, something fishy is going on. While one or two said they would prepare a nice hot bath with all the bath salts, sunlight liquid, handy andy, jik and all of that for their partner and scrub the problem out of them.
Ok, maybe that’s a bit too extreme but I guess we all get the point.With some problems really there’s nothing that can be done, for example the back. This is a disease so nothing much can be done, unfortunately. But for most problems like armpits, these are much easier to handle. Shaving the hair that grows on the armpits can make a huge difference because too much hair causes one to sweat therefore causing the unattractive smell. Oh, and of course roll-on or antiperspirant spray would also help.

Now I would tell my boyfriend straight up to make sure he gets the message. I don’t know maybe I’m insensitive but still guys, the truth always frees… most of the times that is. I mean I would definitely tell my boyfriend to shave, if I had one. I’m one girl who hates hair on guys unless it’s on the head. As to armpits and chest, heish guys, I’m not a big fan. The guy needs to be hairless! Anyhow I think saying something is less painful… I think. I mean imagine receiving these gifts and you think they are just a symbol of love then you release the actual purpose of the gifts when you are alone in the bathroom. That’s more painful guys, I mean just imagine that, tjo, and I tear up just thinking of it!

Talking it through with your partner is definitely easier, and again what if the person doesn’t get the memo and doesn’t use your products? Or maybe they just use them until they are finished and then they go back to their old ways. What good will that make huh? Just a waste of time and money. What do you think, how would you go about making sure that your partner doesn’t embarrass you with their notorious smell?

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