Someone wants me dead- Franco
DISTRESSED: Franco showing damage

*Kwaso Kwaso star dodges death

*Singer’s house and car ‘petrol bombed’

Kwaso Kwaso star, Franco Lesokwane is living in fear after narrowly escaping the flames of death on Tuesday night following a petrol bomb attack that nearly burnt down his house and vehicle.

The 46-year-old singer was watching a football match on TV at one of his three homes in Mmankgodi when, what he described as the ‘attempt on my life’ was made.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice at the scene of the fire, Franco explained the incident happened at around 2300hrs.

The popular artists revealed that his dogs had been barking loudly when he heard a blast, which he ignored.

The strange bang was soon followed by a foul smell, which the musician dismissed as neighbours burning rubbish.

“My car alarm then rang at the same time as the hooter and upon inquiry I saw the car and house on fire,” narrated the veteran performer, who has over 15 years experience in the music industry and recently resurrected his career with the massive hit ‘Ya Lenna Babylon’.

In shock and realising his life was in danger, Franco, unable to escape out the burning front door, fled the smoke and flames by running to another room.

“I was racing against time because if the fire was to catch on the whole car then it was over for me,” he narrated animatedly.

The singer explained that the thought of his young son growing up fatherless gave him the courage and strength to stay calm and overcome his fears.

Someone wants me dead- Franco
FEARFUL: Franco is scared for his life

“Thinking of my son who I had left in Gabane, I took an iron rod to break the burglar bars and managed to go through the window,” he continued simply.

At this point, a couple from the same compound, who had come out to investigate the source of the commotion, helped Franco douse the fire with water.

The singer’s relieved smile at his close encounter is soon replaced by a worried frown as he contemplates the events of Tuesday night.

Having found a discarded Five Litre container, which smelled strongly of petrol, Franco is convinced this was an attempt to end his life.

“I am scared for my life. I don’t even have a clue on who wanted to kill me because it is clear the person wanted me dead!

“The person brought petrol to bomb the house. I am lucky to have acted very fast otherwise I was going to die inside the house. It is clear that the culprit wanted to bring everything down, this was not a robbery!”

However, the singer is clueless as to who could want him dead.

Thamaga Police Station Commander, Superintendent Moses Makgoeng could not comment on the matter as he was still waiting for a report from his investigating team.

The seemingly unprovoked attack comes at a time when Franco’s music career is enjoying a major revival.

In April, he gave a scintillating performance during Charma Gal’s ‘Ke Ya Mmokolodi’ album launch at Duma FM Grounds.

Two weeks ago he outshone Zimbabwean jazz legend Oliver Mtukudzi at the Mascom Live Sessions, breathing life into an otherwise disappointing show.

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