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During independence holidays I went home (Tonota) to see my beautiful mother and the rest of the family. Just before I came back to Gabs, my mom took me out for breakfast gore a ntaele sentle (so she could say her goodbyes). While we were eating a familiar face came up to us and greeted us. I knew I had seen this lady somewhere but I just could not quiet remember where I had seen her. This lady chatted with my mother for a while then she left. After she left my mom refreshed my mind and reminded me of my knowledge of the lady…
A few years back during my early years of high school, this lady budged into our home yard crying early early in the morning at around 6a.m. My mom stopped sweeping the yard as she was alarmed and horrified with what she was seeing. This lady’s clothes were dirty and she was bare footed. My mom took the lady inside the house and calmly asked her what was going on.
This lady was apparently running for her dear life as she was being chased by a man she met at a nearby club.
The issue was that the man had been buying liquor for the lady the whole night and then when it was time to go home, the lady wanted to part ways with the man which was of course not what this man had planned. After all, he did spend close to P200 or more on this lady the whole night.
This lady looked horrified I tell you, you could see that she was really scared.
After telling us her story, my mother fetched some of her clothes to give to this poor lady to wear and I was asked to lend the lady my shoes, which I was not comfortable with by the way. I just gave up my shoes because I had to, it’s not like I am not a kind person, I wasn’t feeling sorry for this lady at all. I mean she set her fate when she started accepting all the drinks from the gentleman.
Get me right here, I’m not saying the man had a right to harass this lady to go home with him after he spent hundreds of pula on her. I’m just saying some females are just man users. It’s truly amazing to hear some ladies going out with no thebe in their handbags knowing that they’ll find lonely men at the bar who will buy them alcohol. We all know what they say, “ke ya go moja gore”, I mean seriously, this has to stop.
If you are a lady and you want to go out, make sure you’ve got enough money to spend on yourself and DO NOT RELY ON MEN YOU MEET AT THE CLUB OR BAR!! THIS IS JUST NOT LADY LIKE! I’m not saying ladies shouldn’t accept when a gentleman buys them a drink but sometimes you can just see if the man has a motive behind the drinks. So if you notice that the man has a motive, don’t accept the drinks because if you do, you’re simply leading him on and keeping his hopes high.
Don’t do this to the poor guy or else you will end up running with no shoes in the early hours of the morning and running for your life.
What are we supposed to learn from this us young ones when we see and hear older women saying and doing this huh… it’s just not on!! Come on ladies, lets buy our own drinks… And yeah, I’m still waiting for my pair shoes…

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king L

nna ba re tobile ebile re ithobogile…heela ke jelwe ke banyana mme ba gana go tsamaya le nna after that…ke setse ebile ke le mosetha


@king l..this story is so boring..wa se bona tota..BORING WITH A CAPITAL le sena dikgang emelang ba ba nang natso ba te go akgela..the voice paper e rekwa ka madi


is not like they r man users….. some men ba rata go itshupa….. it was unfortunate 4 your girl cos o ne a bone monna o desperate….. u know gore desperate times calls desperate measures




Tota this days we living in a miracle world bathong!That man shud learn sumtin 4rm dat issue,madi ao o ka bo a rekile sengwe se a se tlhokang lyk nw jaaka boseshabo jaana…wena mma o emise coz nxt tym otla bo o vaa o le naked, o kopane yo o tshwanang U.


Nowadays lyf z hard nd ladies shld understand gore thr z nothing 4 free. i dnt thnk a man cn spnd P200 mo mosading jst 4 no reason, especially ele gone ba kopang. men have been lyk dat in past, in the days we r living they r lyk dat, and they will always be lyk that. so its up 2 ladies, accept dibiri or reject them.STOP RUNNING AWAY KA SEBODU O NOLE MOTHO. E MO NEELE A KGOTSOFALE FELA JAAKA LE WENA O KGOTSOFETSE E NTSE E TLA GO SALELA.


mxim, Senana u r ryt se a bora, mxim, o raya ba ya breakfast kae ko tonota, hae re itse tonota tlhe wena, wa reng ne? i am a woman, mme basadi ba ba ntseng jaana ba ntena mo, mo2 ha a ya ko bareng a sena ma di a re go tweng? ba re ba tshwara dipoko, khi khi khi …. banna le bone ga ba tshabe di Aids nako dingwe, go selwa selwa hela, hae, mxxim, ba ba baakanyane bone ba. le ntenne banna


Sex e cheap mo Bots mo e leng gore le one makgarebe a lebega bosula a tsamaya hale,banyana have lost boleng jwa bone ka go ithekisa ka dibiri le di nandos.


Banna ba Botswana are not doing enough to protect batswana women instead men have turned to be their greatest enemies,ba bangwe ba ja le bone bana le ditlogolo tsa bone.

@keoneao true dear the story is Boring and much.tota rakgadi o bua eng ka Tonota yo a buang kaene re mo itse thata.There is no place where you can go to for breakfast [email protected] ke dumelana le wena Sex is very very cheap ko Bots.Batho ba bomme ba setse ba sena le fa e le serite.


this is a piece of advice, ladies should take care and men should just take into consideration that they have sisters. this was the route of alcohol. bojalwa ke mathata fela, ba bangwe ba bo tentsha ba ba bonwang.GOOD LUCK LUCK TSHEPO, industry e tlhoka creative minds.


y allow them to use u…dont u hav a mind of yo own..


bareng go a ikelwa fa o sena madi, robala kgotsa o e gwest o e go ithekisa.ka kwano ba itaya kwa ntlhe.


This is so true and cruel too. I will now tell you what a woman did to me. I was doing some shopping at Pick npay in Riverwalk and my trolley was bursting with groceries and other essentials for my family. Just on my way to the till a woman walked up to me and greeted me as if we knew each other from before. I responded to her greeting and continued to push my trolley. She asked if she had met me somewhere and I said I doubt that. I humoured her to guess where she thought we met… Read more »


Never show your bank balance statements they make plans till it is finished eg: frds weddings,baby showers, b day parties, ladies night outs will increase till u r broke Never show you own a car here….say it is company owned not transferable- they will leave you! Never ever make a baby in botswana….its business down here… Have three kids from three different fathers and its all about the mothers maintenance money! Never encourage her frds to stay around when you are away….their boy friends will be staying in your house without informing you! You will be a show piece to… Read more »


banna ba rata sex…


4ty 7even

Boorra tsogang le buleng matlho, bo jetlelemane jo go twe bo a dirwa bo tla le tsenya lehuma. Banna ga ba bona go le gontlenyane a re moengele kante ga ba itse ke phiri e iphuthetse ka letlalo la nku. Ijo nna wee! le ntlhomola pelo waitse. Ba tla le tloba diphuka, e re ba fetsa e be ba re “fofa re bone”. Nna kana ga ke nka ke ntsha madi motlhofo mo peteng tsame. ke itse sentle gore ga a tsene mo teng a tswa ka lebaka le le utlwalang, ka gore a bonwa ka tshokolo. Le gone madi… Read more »


basadi togelan gore thabisa dithon plz. ke ipotsa gore le bone banna ba ba dirisiwang ke basadi ba ikutwa jang. sex is specially 4 two pple who love each other, i fail 2 understand why some women would go around and use man 4 sex rather than findin job to uplift their wellbein, ladies plz its high time we respect our selves, usin men expose u to sex which put u 2 risk of getting hiv, malwetse a dikobo, so many bad thins. lets stand up 4 our dignity as women……