Solar powered
Solar powered

Gontech finds solution in solar energy

Gontech Limited, in collaboration with Scales Associates has pioneered the first fully operational office block and factory in Botswana that runs purely on solar generated power.

In fact, the office block located at Mabutswe Road in Broadhurst Industrial does not rely on the national grid and their electricity consumption paid to Botswana Power Corporation is often zero. The commercial solar systems are the way to go, we save energy, help the environment and the expense is nothing compared to electricity, the investment is necessary.

With Botswana currently engulfed in persistent electricity and water shortages, Gontse Gontse – President of Gontech Limited Botswana, has undertaken to remedy this situation through alternative energy.

This shall be done with the use of solar powered boreholes, lights and a multitude of other renewable energy sources.

Many of the solar powered boreholes are already operational in certain parts of the country and beyond our borders in countries like Zimbabwe.

They have also powered streetlights in Mamashia, farms in Notwane and Kgalagadi and schools in Ghanzi and Tsabong.

Speaking to Gontse Gontse, he remarked on what the end goal was.

“The dream is to light up Botswana via solar energy. We want to mitigate price with technology and if need be, offer the people installment (Payment) plans so they too can save on unnecessary electricity costs.”

Gontech has partnered with Scales Associates for they provide the technical expertise in photovoltaic systems – a discipline that involves transforming solar energy into current electricity with the employment of semi-conducting materials.

Scales Associates have been operational in Botswana since 1994 and have to date conducted large solar projects in Zimbabwe for a rural village power supply and a large scale agriculture operation.

Fusing Scales Associates’ proficiency at state of the art renewable systems and Gontech’s extensive research into various advanced agricultural technologies has culminated in a partnership that is ready to literally light up our lives.

The partnership aims to create 1000 jobs throughout the country through projects such as a major processing plant in Lobatse which will provide organic foods such as fruits, vegetables and many others.

Much like their facilities in Broadhurst Industrial, they intend on running the irrigation systems, boreholes and other essential equipment pertinent to running such an operation through renewable energy.

As recently as last week at the inaugural High Level National Symposium on Sustainable Development – Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama stressed that sustainable development and conservation of the environment was imperative to ensure Botswana’s continued success.

He urged the private sector to play their part and on this evidence Gontech and Scales Associates have endeavored to oblige him.