Fresh Prince

After a long day from work you may tune into the vibiest Government owned radio station between 9pm – midnight, and get your ear drums beating to a rhythm that echoes right through the music driven ‘Bed Time Stories’ radio show. What you may not be aware of is that the voice that has become your lullaby comes as an effect of how the man behind the voice feels, mainly influenced by how he looks.
Put simply, Fresh Prince, as most of the RB2 followers have come to know him through his voice Monday-Thursday, has been rocking Mafia Soul wardrobe since the year 2000.
Looking at home in a bright red/black hip-hop influenced look, and a bit of bling, from a locally youth owned and popular store, Mafia Soul, Prince confessed his love when I asked him why he is an ardent fan of this hip-hop store, which is about to open it‘s doors to Johannesburg soon. “It is more me! I can relate to the lifestyle and I am not going out of my way to look differently from the person that I am.”

Sneaker & watch

Born Prince Dimpho Masololo, this radio personality has been an official Brand Ambassador of Mafia Soul, whose exclusive wardrobe sits well with him, since 2008. “When you spend your hard earned cash, you do not expect to find lots of people rocking the same outfit as you, and I am sure to get that exclusivity from Mafia Soul.”
Now tell me the youth in this country do not make a difference and I’ll sure shove Prince’s kicks right into your mouth, imagine the impact and I am sure you would not like that. Mafia Soul boys are on point!

Keep tuning into Duma FM for ‘Hot Trends with Mpho Laing,’ every Thursday 6pm-7pm and find out which interesting youth of the soil I have as a guest in the studio.

Model: Fresh Prince
Photographer: Ony
Wardrobe: Mafia Soul
Location: Mafia Soul @ Riverwalk

Ask The Fashionista

Hey gal,
I’ll be visiting in Gabs this coming long weekend and would like to know what the main city has in store for me. Kana ha re tswa from small towns like Jwaneng, where I know you grew up too (big up Jmecca for raising such hungry and out there people like you, Orakle, Will from Primi and young professionals such as Thapelo Letsholo and Tutu Lenong), I would like to go to a gig of the year where I can see the latest fashion and work on my outfit too.

Hey Lesh,
Big up Jwaneng! I have loads of beautiful memories from that peaceful diamond mining town, with the best carats in the world. That is why its products excel too. Heish, these days I am so rusty with, I think it is an age thing. So I am only aware of one hot gig organised by Taes and Dj Oneal on Friday 16th at Fashion Lounge. The Black Tie Lifestyle, as it is called promises to be one hell of a dress up party, with a VIP treatment, goodie bags and red carpet to boot. Do make it a point to check it out, as long as you are able to part with P200 for the party of a lifetime.

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princ u rock man, lyk ur styl. nxaaaaaaaa

shapa ma prinso…….u rock nd i enjoyed ur show lzt ko miss botesa @UB.luv u……..

tlhe bathong im so so so inlove with laing’s column.if there is anything like fashion with brains then this column is exactly that coz im glued to it, its always the 1st thin i check out on the voice coz its unique, sophiesticated n shows that life is an iteresting journey that is deeper than the boring regular routines that we all used to.e.g studying medicine, law or engineering.u ROCK…


Ashiiiiiiii,wena man,SNEAKERA!!U rock my world.

ndiupi senyahale

mpho im still waiting for your response about the workshop with the ladies ba bcl tlhe mma. i tell you evrything you need to know ka bone to make a nice package for them pliz.heela mpoletsa prince gore o rutilwe go apara ke mang?i luv a man has a watch he cant be late for our first date

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u ar so cool man u got swaggar!!!


i woulnt mind listening to him all day long.


but to tell da truth he is not dat cute,ke gore dilwana tse di a ba favara. he got good taste.


ee mamito bona melomo ya gagwe jaaka ele mekgaraga.o kare one a e chasa magala mo melomong.dis guy o ntseetse monyana just cuz he is a radio personnel.