Cu Tempo HandCrafts
Cu Tempo HandCrafts

With a high unemployment rate amongst the youth, making ends meet has become more of a challenge and Tariro Peo Ncube has turned her lemons into lemonade, by handcrafting and selling sketchpads.

Tariro: a woman who invests in themselves go further 

Cu Tempo is the name of her studio, which was inspired by her surname and the rhythmic tone it makes.

This Architect by profession describes herself as an artist addicted to pattern making.

“Sketch Pads are a fascination for me, storing memories is important as they are timeless treasures, so I wanted to make a customized pad that has a personal touch to inspire people to draw, to archive ideas and memories”

Write what should not be forgotten 

The appearance and feel of these sketchpads is special, unique, and modern- definitely fashionable, because they come in different sizes, covered with vibrant African printed fabrics in the front and glossed artistic paint graffiti in the back cover.

This makes each sketchpad completely unique.

Customized to a clients desire is also an option to make Yours even more personal, from the fabric choice, to the art, even the type of binding gives her room for experimenting and creating new products.

“We aspire to make complimentary hand made crafted products that speak to the authentic tswana aesthetic at a larger scale, and that is being able to provide and supply large organizations. Lastly have people come over to learn and share the skills of the process”

Cu Tempo Sketchpads are currently sold at Mmmamontle Shop at Molapo Crossing or call +267 7287 8897 to place an oder.

The desire to write grows with writing 

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