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So it has been three weeks since I started my tertiary education at the University of Botswana and I must say I have experienced a lot in that short time. Both good and bad experiences have occurred, fortunately mostly good of course.
So now I guess I can officially say that I am indeed a young lady, a well presented and matured young lady for that matter. I know that being a first year in any university is extremely exciting as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean I’m ecstatic that I’m here, I’m happy that for the very first time in my life I don’t have my mother by the side to tell me what and what not to do. I know sometimes it’s scary but most of the times it’s very exciting and unbelievable. I don’t have a curfew and no one to actually force me to go to school in this case attend lectures. It’s a wonderful, beautiful feeling I tell you but beware, the freedom can easily be changed into a nightmare if one’s not careful.
I’ve come to the realisation that the University within its small hemisphere is actually what the real life is all about. Within the walls of the university is what’s called survival of the fittest, or should I say survival of the wisest. Fa ga se matshamekwane, one wrong move and that’s the end of you.
We are a mixture of different characters, different behaviors and most importantly different values and goals. Some are here to excel in our studies while some are here to have fun and enjoy what’s called freedom. The scary thing is that we are all under the same roof in the same environment, I mean you don’t know the intentions of your neighbour yet you are expected to be friends.
You see this is why parents become nervous when their children come to the university, they know that we are all raised differently. One’s child can come here as an intelligent determined girl/boy but come out as a no good human being or by the grace of God, vice verse. Ke mo go tweng ba tshwara lela ka teaspoon, and hope for the best.
I believe the only way for one to come out of the university as a champion is to first look and study where they come from, meaning your background and of course your values. If one understands how they were raised and what’s expected of them and most importantly carry on with the morals they were brought up with, then they will succeed. I know that we as young people are intimidated with what others have, we also have a lot of jealousy, which is sad really, but hey I guess its human.
I have indeed noticed that there is a lot of competition going on in the university; who has the best clothes, the best phone, the best hairstyle, the best everything. The sad thing is that a lot of young people change because of wanting to be amongst the best.
Just a little word of advise to my fellow first years, don’t try and be someone you are not, be yourself and you’ll see life will be much kinder to you. Remember being you is the best you can be.

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nice words Mtshepos



i want to say well done for the good job of advicing your fellow mates. is so inspiring, kip on doing that

precious s sebego

thnk u 4 those words, its gud tat there is sum1 out ther who cares tat much….. botshelo kwano ke mathata n bo monate, so 1 wl decide wat thy want….

Chris M

For an 18 year old, these are remarkably brilliant words! Your peers should note them and note them well! You will go far young lady, if you stay that way! You’ll impress a lot of people more than you are doing already! Yeah, I’m impressed and speak like a grandad here as what you write is amazingly great stuff!




I love it! irs so grown up, keep it up.


A mafoko a mantle


O itse gore o ithutile UB within a short period of time,ke a go akgola nnaka! Stay focused for the entire period of your studies,o tla nna motho mongwe yo o rileng! ke ratile mafoko a gago tota!


ke mafoko a mantle dear!keep it up with ur studies never giveup caz God is good all the time, thts good advice 2 ur mates

sean x - 411

wen i read n analyz dis i’d say dis ws writtn by sum1 whose long bin @ UB. if u’r realli a 1st yr like u say my advice is koo ke basco – o kgona go go shema o ithaya o re oa mothaloganya! nnananyana(if @ all o monnye-coz i think waaka) u can never b urslf, ppl n d environment dat surround u make u wat u think u ar or better yet wat u want ppl 2 c u as. d most importnt thing is hw do u respond 2 d ‘environment’ dat surrounds u. ub has… Read more »


o opile kgomo lenaka nnana,mathata ke gore mayb its jst a fantacy exitement,lenna ne re ipoka rere ra go simolla le ditlhaka only to find tht ke tsone di xadileng ka rona,bt i supprt u nnana,eseka yare o tshwara 3 first tyhm thn u loose focus or else u r gone


passop dithase basco ga go tshamekelwe mo go ene sistere oseka wa ikhia 2much o tla jela tlase legale o tla iponela


wena you have hit the bull’s eye nothing but the truth


@ Sean X 411
Dawg, i hear what u are saying and think a veeeeery true,.,… I would take that as an advice


True gal but o setse ole le fezana ga o ise o bone sepe! rona re tile fa rele baruti ke a go bolelela, but now ke tsoga mo 411! Nyway o seka wa itima monate jugle your things very well o tla kgona.


@Sean waitse o kare o kgakgahalela ngwana but tota o leka go mmolella se e leng nnete.UB tota ene is unpredictable n ga go bate o ta o le high jaaka ene cz blv me u whn u r duin 1st year u r so vulnerable n confused(tokin 4rm experience).So nnana dnt tsena basco wit dat mentality o ta o le magalamasuke o toga o ta o re thomola pelo plz!


eiy kgarejwana e e e a sobokile ka botlalo mme ka gotwe mmua lebe,ke ne ke re ke gakolole ntsalake gore tertiary e monate tota and yaa!myb she cn stay focused 4 da 1st semestr thn things wil take another route without her realisation bt aniway thtz gud nana,o ithute,lyf is so difficlt,ke bua jaana ke le ko morakeng,go padile ka sgela so use ur chance to the fullest and wisely.


our country and our lives are heading 4 disaster varsity boys n gals wake up and study towards ur targeted goal ITS SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

beautiful wrds yanglady,dnt wari cz sm1 out dere o go utwile bt le wena o seka wa tsoga o re tlhabisa ditlhong pls.all de best gal.

Professor D'lod'sele

tota nne nka rata ga o kare u graduate a bo o boa gape o bua mafoko a mantle….kana ke gore gatwe ke makgakga mme fela ke ithumelela gore ke bua nnete….nnaka rona ga e le gone re tsenang mo tertiary re ne re tswana le wena jaana re le matlhagatlhaga….semester 1 sa fela sa bobed’ le sone sa feta tiro ya simolola go nna ntsi…ra ipotsa gore ele gore y matagwa ba pasa mme ba nwa every wknd….i dnt want 2 tel u coz in ve a beleive dat aftr smtym i ll mit u ko campus bar u… Read more »