SMES to boost Botswana's economy
EXCITED: NetSuite Sales Director-SADC Aumesh Hurry

In recent years, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have made an important contribution to the African economy.

This is the belief of Oracle NetSuite Africa Sales Director, Mai Amir, whose company recently expanded into Botswana.

NetSuite is an American-based company that provides software services to help manage business finances, operations, and customer relations.

The company has an interest in Botswana and the African region and the expansion is in response to the increasing demand for cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) across the continent from fast-growing and innovative businesses.

Speaking on their African venture, Amir stressed that the NetSuite expansion in the region and special focus on SMEs in Africa will help local businesses to expand and grow faster.

“NetSuite’s mission is to help customers grow with a business has been embraced by 40,000 customers worldwide,” he said, explaining that NetSuite systems have been developed to help businesses crush common barriers to growth, including siloed data, complex compliance requirements and systems that don’t talk to each other.

He also warned that when systems are not linked, it creates a lack of visibility across organizations, which makes it hard to work effectively.

The company Sales Director for South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Aumesh Hurry had also earlier this year said companies who manage to take advantage of new technology will improve their adaptability.

Hurry also said companies who scrape by on outdated technology, on the other hand, will face problems sooner rather than later.

“You have to be digitally-enabled to gain control over your systems, profit, and data. And if you fail to adopt the right technologies, you may be left behind,” he had advised in an article published in online magazine, Mybroadband.

In an interview with Voice Money, Oracle NetSuite Territory Manager for Botswana, Dane Solomon was quick to highlight the perks that come with the company expanding into the country.

“Majority of the small and medium-sized organisations in the country still rely on out-dated technologies to run their business functions,” he noted, adding that without the right technology, businesses will struggle to scale and optimise their operations and will find it hard to compete in the local and regional market.

“It is becoming more and more obvious that Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) need to invest in new technology in order to remain digitally relevant in the current market,” he said, continuing that NetSuite cloud-based business applications are quick to implement and easy to use.

He also highlighted that the applications will give SMBs real-time insight and hence get better assessment into their businesses, take timely decisions and mitigate risks.

Solomon further said that their product offering will enable local SMBs to adapt to market demand, increase exposure to new markets, bring the businesses closer to existing and new customers, keep costs at a minimum as well as keep abreast with the pace of innovation.

NetSuite plans to continue to grow their customers and implementation partners across Botswana and beyond after investing in the region.

They pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution in 1998, and provide a suite of cloud-based financials Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) HR and omnichannel commerce software.

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