Small Businesses Welcome Mabogo-Dinku
Tiny Moagi

Following the recent launch of CEDA’s Mabogo-Dinku loan scheme aimed at alleviating problems pertinent to small micro-enterprises and also fund their expansion – Voice Money took to the streets to gather the opinion of small business owners about the initiative.

Tiny Moagi (34)
I think it’s a good initiative. However, because it is money that is borrowed, one needs to work extra hard to beat competition and ensure that the loan gets paid up. The main problem affecting small businesses in Botswana is the issue of high rentals. At least there should be a provision that when you come up with a viable business proposal, land should be availed as soon as possible.

Small Businesses Welcome Mabogo-Dinku
Ditlhabelo Motlhabakgomo

Dikabelo Motlhabakgomo (26)
I think the scheme can be very helpful especially for us in the combi industry. Instead of one combi being owned by five of us, we can come together, get the loan and hopefully have five combis in the future.

Small Businesses Welcome Mabogo-Dinku
Lesego Gabegwe

Lesego Gabegwe (39)
I think it is a helpful initiative that I would embrace. I started off selling from a small table and now I have managed to expand to a bigger one. I could use the Mabogo-Dinku loan to further grow my business and add a larger variety to my stock.

Small Businesses Welcome Mabogo-Dinku
Thabiso Molalogi

Thabiso Molalogi (28)
I feel great about this initiative that is aimed at helping small business owners. At some point you find, especially in my field of catering, that people don’t always buy the food and you have to dispose of it because you can’t sell it the following day. This means sometimes you lose money. With the intervention of CEDA, it can help me buy equipment for storage of perishables and hopefully one day grow my business to a full scale restaurant.

Small Businesses Welcome Mabogo-Dinku
Maria Jewell

Maria Jewell (40)
I’m always skeptical about such initiatives. They always want paperwork and documentation that many of us don’t have. The Mabogo-Dinku scheme would be a great help if I were to get it because sometimes when it rains I have to suspend selling which affects my business. If I secured the money, I would be able to buy more umbrellas and gazebos but like I said – I am skeptical about such initiatives.

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