If most people had a choice they would be going around naked because of the blistering heat that is currently being experienced in the country.

Unfortunately we have to dress up, and the good thing is that there are clothes meant for this type of weather though not our typical summer days.

The best option for most people or ladies to be precise is putting on short skirts, sleeveless tops and dresses since the idea would be to dress as less as possible.

And the best fabric for these type of clothes is silk and cotton as they are light and the same goes with colours since dark colours are not ideal during heat waves.

But these sleeveless items however come with a price especially for those who have to walk under the sun as it will mean exposing the skin which in turn means one person two skin colours

The solution therefore is to always have a sunscreen at hand for the face, arms, the back or any part of the body that would be exposed to the sweltering heat.

To add to that sleeveless fashionable look, one of course needs to protect his/her eyes with chic sunglasses. So it won’t be a matter of only style but eye protection as well.

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