Skinny jeans were so popular amongst the ladies and every lady thought it was a must have pair of jeans. Regardless of one’s body size, big, small or medium, ladies strut their stuff on skinny jeans.
However, some said skinny jeans were made for the skinny ladies as the name says and that those with a lot of flesh should not force them on. Then all of a sudden the pattern changed and guys started rocking the skinny jeans and boy did it turn into a trend.
Confusion arose with regards to the sexuality of  these guys. Some said these they were gay while others maintained that it was just fashion, after all stars like Chris Brown and Usher, just to mention a few also have these in their wardropes. I went around campus and asked a few what their take is on skinny jeans and this is what they had to say:

Boago  Masoko
Would you ever rock skinny jeans?
Why not?
Skinny jeans restrict movement , they don’t allow one’s man hood to breath, it will be just totally uncomfortable.
What do you think of skinny jeans on guys?
They are a fashion disaster on guys. Girls look hot on them and I think guys should stay away from them. I believe these type of jeans were made for girls to show their beautiful body structure, I mean who would want to see a guy’s body. Again Batswana guys don’t know how to rock them, skinny jeans are suppposed to be worn with flat shoes but these guys wear them with huge sneakers like air force.


Keabetswe ‘Skulz’ Ramolelo
Do you wear skinny jeans?

Yes I do
Why do you think of skinny jeans on guys?
I think they are cool, they are a great improvement on mens’ wear. They are quite comfortable when they are not too tight and they are versitle because you can fold them and wear them with almost every thing, from golf t-shirt,muscle hugger t-shirts and shirts  and a variety of shoes. And again skinny jeans can be worn by people by different groups like manyora and makhete . Some skinny jeans are colourful and I am a colourful person,  they are a practical version of my graphic design interests.


Jack Matsietsi
Do you think skinny jeans are fashionable on guys?
Yes, I think so. However it depends on the size of the guy, they usually look good on guys who are not fat. If you feel comfortable on them then you should wear them. Actually, it wasn’t my intention to wear skinny jeans. A few years back I went to SA and bought a lot of skinny jeans for re-sell here in Botswana. Business wasn’t going well so I decided to wear them as it would have been a waste to just pack them away and now I’m into them. Again clothing changes with age, who knows maybe next year they’ll be something new.

Motsei Tamocha
Would you date a guy who wears skinny jeans?
Yes  I would. But the guy has to be a bit skinny, a fat guy can’t wear them as that would be a fashion crime. But from a health perspective, it’s wrong as their private part won’t get enough room to breathe. This could have serious consequnces on the functioning of the manhood.

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Chris M

Ija! That’s why Kgafela insists on initiation schools! May be we need them!


INITIATION schools di kae bathong? bana ke ba ba a lathega go setse fela gore ba apare mesese le dikete tota lefatshe le senyegile re galetswe fela ke gore go tale di-gay le di-lesbian in this world


your guys on skinny jeans u are putting your future children at risk of being mutants, since the parts are suffocating.if you can live with mutants at least cover you behindings,swiping is for ladies


mme gone lets get 2 knw dat pelo e ja serati. If u like somethn, en go for it. I like skin jeans bt ga ke rate go di apara for health reasons as stated. I wnt 2 make peace of my economy. To other, decide on what u want.


mme gone lets get 2 knw dat pelo e ja serati. If u like somethn, en go for it. I like skin jeans bt ga ke rate go di apara for health reasons as stated. I wnt 2 make peace of my economy. To other, decide on what u want. Tseo tsa di initiation schools go sotla batho fela.


Now let us look at the effects of tight clothes on men. Science, biology for that matter tells us that the reason why the scrotum is hanging freely outside the man’s body is because it carries testes and are reponsible for the production of healthy sperms. hear me well , I am saying healthy sperms. weak perms will not be able to swim to meet the female egg and fertilize it to state a babe. Testes do their work at a lower tempereture that the rest of the body whis is 37 by average. Testes operate at around 4 degrees.… Read more »


During the time when it is cold, watch the scrotum, it pulls the testes a bit close to the body to make sure the tempareture under which they work is maintained. And likewise when it is hot the scrotum moves them away from the body to avoid too much temperature. Basimane ba ba tla felela ba sa tshole ha ba apara tight clothes ka gore the fosa di-testes go ngaparagana le mmele.You will then blame your partner o re ke ene a sa tsholeng. Bogolo tswalang ditshega banna so that you will produce very strong sperms tse di sa foseng… Read more »

next ke d legins ma majiten mayb then le d cold pants kana jang……!


funny hw fashion change over the years and people manage 2 cum up wit incredible fashion trends…..i reckon skinny jeans luk great on guys, so long as they dnt tight them 2 much!


aeee,,,le fa gotwe fashion wht abt life guys eseng go nna o di gatile o bolaya bana…


aaaaa Skiny jeans these plep must be sbubmmited to DIS ba ba bolaye we dont ned dem in our country


ba ba diskinny jeans baa tlwaela batho nna ke ipotsa gore ke fashion nyana ya eng e e ntenang jaana.


wear them but dnt forget tht u hv to bear kids in future…those testes shuld be left hanging guys so lesang go ifagola ka dilo tsa basadi pliz!!!


Ey there’s nothing wrong with skinnies,i rock em big,unfortunately i only got 2 pairs, for those who are crying ‘health’ i am sayin it all comes down to the size of your pants, waist-wise my skinny jeans are the same size as my regular jeans,so trust me am ‘breathing’ just fine. I tried skinnies 3 years ago,i got a wrong size and just look awefull,tried it last year with moderate fixes of my own,and i looked great,am just saying,get one,fix it here and therd if u will,and ynu will never look back!


ke go ipiletsa bo-gay hela eseng sepe gape

Nyaa banna di jean tseo dia tamola le hale di protecta ga ke di rate mo gongwe motho wa lengisa i wonder if ther watch themselves in the mirror? Disgusting!