Skincare magic

One’s woman’s journey to nourish our skin

The beauty industry is awash with all kinds and forms of products claiming wondrous results many find hard to resist.

It is the ultimate money spinner as just about everybody wishes to hold on to their youthful looks – hence moisturisers, toners, scrubs and other beauty related products that fly off the shelves.

Yet of the many available in the market, few have the homegrown touch and feel of local entrepreneur, Kefilwe Shadi April’s.

Following years of using imported products, last September the 42-year-old made the bold decision to put her 20 plus years of experience in the beauty industry to the test by launching her own skincare range – Sedi Skincare.

In my day to day search for healthy looking skin, I’ve visited the dermatologist near me and we are flooded with an extensive amount of products to choose from, ranging in price and affordability, use and effectiveness.

The doting mother of three girls and adoring wife explains her fervour, “I have always been passionate about beautiful, healthy skin and healthy body. After much research and countless trials I felt the time was ripe to introduce my range.”

April explains she tested the products on herself, family and friends for the two years they were in the formulation stage.

“It was imperative to be absolutely sure of the range and I can safely say it is a range that is suited for our climate and the common skin concerns often experienced,” she proudly attests.

Though the market is oversubscribed and people are spoilt for choice, most products were engineered without health benefits in mind – a point April is quick to make. Hence, it is justifiable for one to get picky about the kind of skincare products one uses. Few trusted brands like Amaira offer products for the lesser exposed areas and amazon vitamin c serum products that do not find proliferation in the market.

“Sedi Skincare is a range of fragrance-free products, created by a professional formulator, and the SPF Lotion has been approved by a dermatologist. The antioxidant, nourishing oils of Moringa Oleifera seed oil, Ximenia Americana seed oil and Adansonia Digitata seed oil (Baobab oil) have been incorporated into the products. These oils work synergistically to provide strong anti-ageing, barrier repair, and barrier strengthening benefits to the skin. Repeated use will result in supple, youthful, radiant and hydrated skin,” promises April, who encourages clients to use her products continuously for at least a month to notice results.

Though the range was not formulated for children, April explains that everyone’s skin is delicate, from children to adults, hence the need to care for one’s skin adequately.

“Skincare should be started early and children from the age of 13 can be taught the discipline of effective cleansing and moisturising with products from as well as the occasional masking and exfoliating. For younger skin I recommend more home remedies such as oatmeal and natural yogurt for cleansing.”

April is unequivocal when giving advice on the most important investment all can make towards healthier skin.

“If there is one thing no one can skimp on, it’s sunscreen! Sun damage is real and it is cumulative. It can lead to premature ageing, uneven skin tone and in the worst case, skin cancer,” she warns, it is important to use an eczema cream if you start to see burns in your skin.

Skincare magic
Sedi skincare range

“Our SPF 30 face lotion has been dermatologically tested and is broad spectrum. This means it protects against UVA and UVB rays,” she continues passionately.

In addition to the lotion, April advises using a combination of her gentle forming cleanser and all purpose serum.

“Our cleanser is formulated to thoroughly cleanse the skin without drying it out whilst the all purpose serum has anti- ageing, hydrating ingredients and antioxidant that promote healing and nourishing of the skin.”

Another benefit of the range is the ‘personal touch’, which April happily highlights, saying, “Unlike products bought over the counter without any interaction with those that formulated them, I am always available to provide guidance.

“We host workshops and provide intimate details around skin care which makes it easy for users to engage and have their questions asked. The products are fragrance free to avoid irritation and competitively priced hence affordable. Everybody deserves healthy, radiant and slow to age skin – and most importantly, it is attainable!”

Although the range is currently limited to three products, April is planning an imminent expansion, which will include organic products using locally sourced ingredients.

Though advertised on multiple platforms, Sedi Skincare range is available at Botschem pharmacy, online at and direct delivery on 71709009.

April’s top tips for healthy glow

– Follow a healthy skin care regime from the start of your teenage years

– Use sunscreen, which should be applied 20 – 30 minutes before exposure to sun to allow the product to form a protective layer on the skin

– Even on cloudy days, sunscreen is a must. This is because the sun’s ultraviolet radiation still reaches the earth and can cause sunburn to those exposed

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