The race for the ultimate prize on Big Brother Amplified is on. After housemates were split into two groups (heads and tails), six of them are up for eviction. Confidence (Ghana), Danny (Ethiopia), Jossy (Namibia), Vina(Nigeria), Weza (Angola) and Vimbai (Zimbabwe) are up for eviction this week after the Housemates’ first nomination session.
Local boy Zeus used his powers as Head of the house to save himself. Zeus nominated Vimbai instead for her incessant complaints and requests. His next choice was Danny, whom he said is a nice guy but “is in his shell.”
What have the housemates been up to?

Away from the maddening crowd, the Tails Housemates suddenly realised how Miss P had an “ass for days” implying that her behind was plumper than the average girl’s.
Ernest was the one who made the observation but Miss P simply laughed it off and asked Ernest where he had been all week.
Later on when they were talking about how Miss P had been unlucky with men back home, Lotus didn’t understand how that was possible when she had such a booty.
“There’s ass everywhere in Botswana,” Miss P added. Lotus got a bit excited about this. She said that meant she would be hot in Botswana because everyone would probably want something different.


Sex starved: Weza

Weza randomly declared how she thought she had forgotten how to have sex already because she had been in the House for a while.
The Angolan and her housemates had just finished their breakfast when she told them that because she has never learnt how to cycle, she was worried. This was after one of the Housemates compared having sex to riding a bicycle, saying one can never forget.
Michael jokingly offered to remind Weza how to do “the deed” and everyone was in stitches.
However, the previous night Weza had highlighted that if she were to have sex in the house it would purely be for exercise because she felt that they were not getting enough of it.
The guys couldn’t believe how bluntly and out of the blue Weza had made her statement.
Jossy constantly repeated what Weza had said while shaking his head in disbelief.
Michael joked about how crazy the girls in the house were, saying even if they would be given sex toys, “they would want to use us for the voice.”


least favoured: Confidence

After she was roped into the Tails House Ms P opened up about a fellow housemate, Confidence, who is in the Heads House. She and Karen had a bedtime conversation about her and how bossy she is.
Miss P told Karen how Confidence is so used to being the boss in her business back home and how she has been turning all her fellow Housemates into her workers.
“Giving should not be a one way street. She kept wanting people to do things for her and did not want to do things for others.”Miss P said.
She also revealed how she thinks Confidence is the way she is because she is the most successful out of all the Housemates.
Karen quickly asked Miss P why she was of that idea.
“In what way? Give yourself a break. Confidence is 37. See where you’ll be in ten years time,” she said.

During her first Chat Room session, Felicia told Big Brother she was irritated by Confidence and that she would go out of her way to avoid her.
When Big Brother quizzed her what it was about Confidence that irritated her, she said Confidence was a control freak and wanted things to always go her way; that behaviour showed particularly during the Week One Audition Tasks.
For her highlight of Week One, Felicia said the Arena task was the biggest challenge for her; especially because she has a fear of heights.
She concluded by saying that the biggest adjustments she had to make in the House was having to deal with personalities such as Confidence’s.
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