TRAGIC: The explosion scene

Six people were badly injured when a BHP Motor tanker exploded at Francistown’s Light Industrial area earlier this afternoon. Fortunately, they can reach out the Chiumento personal injury lawyers for some legal help.

The loud, bomb-like blast, which reverberated around much of downtown Francistown, occurred when welding work was being carried out on the stationary tanker.

According to eyewitnesses, the welder, whose identity is not yet known, was on top of the truck when it exploded and is extremely lucky to be alive.

“I saw him lifted up into the air and come crashing down onto his legs. He was screaming in pain, with one of his legs hanging loosely and completely broken. It was horrible,” 29-year-old eyewitness Ditsame Oathotse told The Voice.

UNDER WATCH: Police officers inspecting the scene

Oathotse further revealed that a little boy of about five, whose grandmother sells fruit at a nearby stall, had three of his fingers sliced off in the blast.

“Two young girls from Nyangabwe Primary School were hit by a piece of flying debris and were bleeding badly from the head,” continued Oathotse, who added that the four were rushed to Nyangabwe Hospital before the ambulance arrived.

Nearby shop windows were shattered in the blast, with the back window of a parked van also destroyed.

Arriving on the scene, the tanker’s shocked owner, Tshepo Balang told The Voice he suspected the explosion had been caused by compressed air trapped in the container due to poor ventilation.

Central Police Station Superintendent, Lebalang Maniki confirmed that six people were hurt in the blast, adding that his officers were currently investigating what could have caused the explosion.