Six bullets retrieved from Mcconell teacher’s body

Six bullets were retrieved from the body of murdered Tutume McConnell College teacher, Thuso Duncan Mlalazi.

The above piece of evidence emerged during the trial of Nthoiwa Maxala, 36, charged with the brutal and cold-blooded murder of the physics teacher.

Forensic pathologist, Shatani Mugoma told Francistown High Court Judge, Matlhogonolo Phuthego this week that Mlalazi’s body was riddled with multiple internal and external injuries.

The pathologist further ascertained that Mlalazi’s death was caused by a gunshot.

“His death was caused by a high velocity object. He was shoot at close or medium range of between 50 cm or two meters. Due to the severity of injuries I concluded that the deceased was shot”, said Mugoma.

“The deceased’s liver, heart and left lung were shattered. So was the vertebrae and the spinal cord,” the pathologist further revealed, adding that, “From the front, the left lung had an exit bullet wound measuring 3 cm by 2.9 cm. While on the back, the chest had a bullet entry wound as well. The wound measured 3.5 by 3 cm.”

The evidence, Mugoma said, indicated that Mlalazi was shot from behind probably while trying to flee from his armed assailant.

Mugoma further highlighted Mlalazi’s corpse had numerous abrasions and bruises all over. Particularly in the head and on the chest.

Maxala allegedly gunned down Mlalazi on the night of September 2015 in Somerset East, after the two had exchanged fists in a fight over a girlfriend in Borolong.

According to court papers Maxala pursued Mlalazi to Francistown until he traced him to a filling station at Nzano Mall.

He then chased the teacher into the shanty residential township of Somerset east.

The deceased met his demise after he ran into a dead road, and was forced to park into a stranger’s yard.

It is in that yard that he was killed in the early hours of the night.

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