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In the spirit of Celebrating Women’s month, it is only right we chat a little about beauty, makeup and skincare.

We get personal with a Young dedicated Powerhouse behind the Makeup GORGE,Gorata Masiapeto and find out how she takes care of her skin when she’s not looking absolute made-up gorge!

CHANGING FACES: Gorata Masiapeto

She is a certified makeup artist that has been in the beauty industry for almost a year.

Her goal is to enhance the natural beauty of women and something for the men, which includes different types of beard application.

The makeup studio specializes in professional make-up artistry, special effects, TV & film and airbrushing.

Simply Gorge
GORATA DOING MAKEUP: Passion fuels Purpose

Lets see how to take better care of our skin from a certified makeup artist.

The products she uses are available at GORGE.

Having a refreshed flawless skin, plus knowledge on the different types of products used daily in the name of beauty, surely we could learn a thing or two from a pro!

MUD PRODUCTS: For quality skin care


“ I wash my face with a regular face bar, then I apply MUD Face Premier, a light weight gel premier that creates a flawless long lasting finish. I use it without applying foundation afterwards. I then use MUDbrow fix to groom and fleek my brows and lashes. Then proceed to application MUD Liquid foundation to create an airbrush smooth effect on my skin.”

CLEANSE: Bare it all


“I use MUD Makeup remover with towelettes that leave the skin feeling clean while removing all traces of makeup. I then apply MUD facial cleanser and make-up remover that dissolves any build up of dirt. I use it mainly because it is made from a blend of natural oils and Omega Plus for maximum antioxidant protection, thus making it an ideal daily cleanser. After using this combo, my skin will be left feeling clean and hydrated with no oily residue.

Never sleep with makeup on, always make sure to wash off thoroughly before heading to bed. Most importantly I drink lots and lots of water. It plays a bigger role in keeping my skin looking and feeling fresh”


This is especially for all the ladies that apply make-up on a daily and even those that don’t.

It is about taking extra care of the skin and using the best products for best results.

You will definitely thank yourself in the future for taking care of your skin now!

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