Simply balloons

Balloons were used in the first human attempts at flying in the 1700s and the first passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster.

Different shapes and sizes suitable for every occasion 

Fast-forward to the 21st century, balloons come in all shapes, sizes and feel, evolving from kiddie’s birthday parties to becoming a lifestyle accessory in the adult world.

Keeping up with the lifestyle trends

Simply Balloons is the company behind most balloon setups around the city. It’s a family run business, owned by young Batswana female, Isabella Kutlo Ramatlapana and her sister Tlamelo Tinah Ramatlapana.

Isabella and Tlamelo: Securing the bag and keeping it in the fam

Commenced in 2017, the aim for this company is to be the leading supplier in balloon décor and printing. Their mission is to make every event delightfully unique through creative vision and beautiful artistry.

Launch: attractive accessories for grand openings 

Not only do they look attractive when put together, they are also cost effective products suitable for promotional sales.

Picture perfect: quality arrangement for baby shower ideas 

A classic purpose for balloon decor has always included baby shower parties,but now they come in extraordinary shades like metallic silver/gold and rose gold.

Set up adult birthday party

The biggest influencer, being Social media and the current lifestyle trend for adult birthday parties involve customized balloons, according to color, texture and size, ranging from large numerals to small table centerpieces.

For him or her: specially customized gift package

Branded balloons have made their way from corporate advertisements into personal settings. We are keeping with the current waves thanks to a local company like Simply Balloons.

It’s a lifestyle: get yours customized 

Check out their page @ Simply Balloons bw on facebook and on instagram @ Simplyballoons_bw

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