Shot in the eye
SHOT: Mogomotsi

Young man survives gunshot > We shot at him because he had a knife- Police

Maimed and disfigured, a 24- year old young man of Ramotswa is reeling in pain and shock after surviving death by a whisker from a gunshot in the eye.

With one eye damaged, jaws broken and teeth missing, Mogomotsi Lere’s life will never be the same again.

Recently discharged from the hospital, the distraught Lere who was shot in the eye over suspicions of burglary recounted his harrowing experience at the hands of brutal police to The Voice newspaper in an interview this week.

At first glance his disfigured face did not tell the devastating story but as soon as he took off of his glasses tears started to roll down his cheeks.

“I cannot remember how many officers they were because I blacked out immediately after a bullet hit me. I was visiting some friends and sitting at the back on a bench when the police pounced on us, I heard the other guys screaming, “ Police” so I stood up to check what was happening,” said the visibly shaken man.

Lere further stated that as soon as he stood up, a police officer shot at him.

“I took about two steps from the bench I was sitting on when they came. He shot at me without any provocation. I blacked out immediately and next thing I woke up in hospital,” said Lere who went on to threaten legal action against the Police because he had received little to no help from police service after the incident.

“I am in pain, I am now disabled because of the police. What will I do now?” he lamented.

His angry uncle, Tokwe Lere also lambasted the cops for their brutality and inhumanity.

“I don’t want him like this. Do you know they brought him to us two weeks back and I told them I didn’t want my nephew like this, when I told the officers who came to my house this, they said I should go and complain to the station commander?”

Meanwhile the police have refused to divulge details on the matter except to say they shot at the young man in self –defense.

“He was charging at the officers with the knife, the officers were simply acting in self defence so they used reasonable force,” said Police spokesperson, Near Bagali in an interview this week.

Bagali further stated that the Police used a riffle and ‘not the gun that The Voice journalist could be thinking of’
“I don’t want to go into the operations of the police,” said Bagali when asked at what point was an officer supposed to shoot at a suspect.

However dismissing Public relations officer’s claims that the man was shot while resisting arrest was an eye – witness, Gofamodimo Rantu (34).

Rantu testified that, “The police came from nowhere and surrounded the yard. He was not resisting arrest because everything happened in a split second I was there I saw it. After shooting at him they loaded his body in the back of the van and left. We then called them back to come clean their mess, which they did after a few minutes.”

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