CRIME SCENE: The shop in Palapye

A Palapye businessman was last weekend stabbed to death while attempting to stop a suspected female shoplifter from stealing some yet to be ascertained goods from the store.

According to Palapye police, when the now deceased shop owner tried to stop the suspected shoplifter believed to be an illegal Zimbabwean immigrant, a scuffle immediately ensued and the suspect stabbed the now deceased on the chest.

Confirming the shocking incident, Superintendent Waboraro Ramaja of Palapye Police Station said the suspect then attempted to run away after the stabbing instance but vigilant members of the public apprehended her.

“I can confirm that the police in Palapye are investigating a case in which a 61-year-old shop owner was allegedly stabbed by a woman believed to be in her 30s at PR Cash & Carry outlet on Saturday evening around 6pm,” confirmed Ramaja in a telephone interview.

Ramaja said the suspect used a sharp instrument to stab the deceased.

He said the police are still to ascertain the type of the sharp instrument used in the stabbing of the deceased.

“The victim was rushed to Palapye Primary Hospital for medical attention. Unfortunately, he was certified dead by medical doctors upon arrival at the health facility,” Ramaja told The Voice.

Ramaja confirmed that incidents of shoplifting are on the rise in his policing area.

However, he was quick to advise shop owners not to take the law into their own hands when dealing with shoplifters to curb incidents of confrontations that will end up in murder. “Shop owners must immediately involve the police to avoid incidents of this nature,” opined Ramaja.

Meanwhile, the suspected killer was expected to appear in the Palapye magistrates’ court today (Thursday) for arraignment.

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