A 46-year-old shebeen queen from Tonota village has appeared in court for allegedly killing her male employee.

Short and stocky, Jimmy looked defiant when she briefly appeared before Francistown principal magistrate Thebeetsile Christian Mulalu for arraignment on Monday to answer to a single count of murder.

Jimmy, who operates a drinking depot at Tatisiding village, some 15km south of Francistown, allegedly dealt her cleaner, Raboshimane Mothoka a fatal blow with a brick for insulting her daughter.

She was not asked to plead and remanded in custody until March 7 when the deceased postmortem results would be released.

Allegations against Jimmy, according to the prosecution, are that on February 3, 2014, the accused person was at her business premises serving patrons with the help of her daughter when Mothoka uttered unprintable obscenities directed to the young woman.

The insults apparently upset the shebeen queen’s daughter so much that she cried until her mother asked her why she was sobbing uncontrollably.

When she was told that the young woman was insulted by Mothoka, the mother flew into a fit of rage,picked up a brick and hit her employee on the head, felling him to the ground at once with blood gushing out of his skull.

He was never taken to see a doctor but simply given first aid to stop the blood before he was instructed to go back to work.

At knock off time the shebeen owner ordered Mothoka to lock the gate as he was the last person to leave the depot.

After locking up he collapsed until he was found by patrolling police officers who rushed him to Nyangabgwe hospital around 3am in the morning.

In a critical condition, he was transferred to Bokamoso Private Hospital where he died two weeks after the incident.

Meanwhile, Mulalu has recused himself from presiding over the matter arguing that the deceased is his distant relative.


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