*68-year old rape convict claims girl (8) was a gift from ancestors


Kemoiponetse Olebile of Mosope cattlepost near Marapong village in the Central District was last Friday sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for having sex with a minor.

Grey headed Olebile did not dispute having carnal knowledge of an 8-year-old girl three days before Christmas Day in 2010.

The 68-year-old man still maintained that the eight-year-old girl is a gift from his “kindhearted” ancestors.

“We got along very well. She has been all I need in a woman,” expressed the 68-year-old man in his vernacular language, Kalanga.

Throughout the rape trial and even after the conviction, Olebile insisted that the youngster was his girlfriend and they were deeply in love.

However, Serowe principal magistrate Kgololesego Segabo convicted and eventually sentenced the old madala on overwhelming evidence by the state.
Although Olebile demonstrated remorse and cooperation throughout the trial stage, Segabo said the domestic worker had done something wrong.

At his age, Segabo said he should have been exemplary.
“The convict has left an irreparable scar on the emotional status of the complainant,” noted the magistrate.

Segabo said the young girl’s “consent” was no help to Olebile as the complainant was too young to make informed decision for herself.
In response to the verdict, Olebile described the local justice system as unfair.
Speaking to The Voice outside court after sentencing, he maintained that the young girl was his soul mate.

He said he never thought the court would separate what his ancestral spirits had ordained for him.

He said he was shown the girl in a dream and could not reject a gift from his ancestors.

It is against this backdrop that he had a blossoming love relationship with the minor from the day he had a dream.

“Why is it that she never screamed when were having sex in the bush?” rhetorically asked Olebile before he was whisked away by the police as they took him to the Francistown State Prison to start serving his time.



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Ijoo! Ke ene monnamogolo, Maaka a matala, ga gona ditoro tsa sepe kwa!


Yo oa thola waitse,o kgathiwa ke go thubetsa.


He s demon possesd,gatwe she s my soul mate nd we were in deep love,she was a babe nd innocent,she was in darkness.

Pharra Phatshwa

waii, mdala lesa go itshwarelela ka metsi o tswewa ke molapo; ga gona ditoro tssa sepe foo. akanya fela fa e ka bo e le wa gago ngwana. kana tota ke sa le ke rile o nneelwe ke go fokotse nonofo le natla o tle o kgone go farologanya molemo le bosula


Jesus Christ! Madala u were suppose to treat her lyk ur grand granddaughter! Trust me, u r goin 2 burn in hell. If u were ma grandfather, i was going to disown u. M callin all the Pastors around the country to pray against the spiritual demons that u have. I believe u r goin 2 enjoy ur stay in prison coz sum1 is goin to choose u as their soulmate too.


Aaaa….wasnt any psychiatrist test requested,mdala yo wa hlanya.
Tell us more about him-is he married,does he have kids, o na le nyatsi?


Tota hela gatwe ke rragwe mang sone selo seo banna?


o a thola monnamogolo


Monna yo o batla go fagolwa a marrt


Madala yo wa peka straight.mxm! Rona mo bokalaka ga re meswatha ya bannabagolo.


nywee nywee she is my soulmate,nonsense..

ppl like ths r degrading our society waitse..mxm


igwi mdala mo shaka ikombo koga naiyo toroko ye botjilo gose.


toronko not toroko